Open-End Stock Mutual Funds:

The Largest Portion of the Open-End Mutual Funds Market But with Negative Net Flows

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Date Published: September 27, 2023
Summary PowerPoint Deck: 311 Slides
Reference PowerPoint Deck: 1,408 Slides

The purpose of this research is to provide readers with comprehensive understanding of open-end stock mutual funds, a market which continues to dominate United States financial assets but has negative net flows. The research addresses the market's segments, sub-segments, & future predictions. Other Tiburon research topics address open-end hybrid mutual funds, open-end bond mutual funds, & open-end money market mutual funds. And these four topics are summarized in Tiburon's coverage of open-end mutual funds.

This research starts with a review of open-end stock mutual funds' market growth and the leading fund sponsors of open-end stock mutual funds.

This research addresses open-end stock mutual funds' markets segments, including:

  • United States Stock Mutual Funds
    • Morningstar Style Boxes
      • Style
        • Growth Funds
        • Blend Funds
        • Value Funds
      • Size
        • Small Cap Funds
        • Mid Cap Funds
        • Large Cap Funds
        • Multi Cap Funds
    • Sector Funds
    • Real Estate Funds
    • Commodity Funds
    • Focused Mutual Funds
    • Tax Efficient Mutual Funds
    • Non-United States Stock Mutual Funds
  • Developed Countries
  • Emerging Markets
And the research concludes with future predictions for open-end stock mutual funds, including:

  • Slow Market Growth for Open-End Stock Mutual Funds
  • Fastest Growth for Open-End Value Stock Mutual Funds
  • Movement to Passive Open-End Stock Mutual Funds
  • Pricing Pressure Amongst Open-End Stock Mutual Funds

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