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Tiburon research represents the firm's underlying research (coverage of over 1,900 topics with over 2.0 million unique PowerPoint charts) which it has historically conducted on its own budget to support in its conference speeches, market seminars, strategy consulting, mergers & acquisitions advisory, investing, and board roles. Since the early 2000s, Tiburon has made this underlying research available to Tiburon members, originally through subscriptions to its Tiburon Research Access Program and now as part of Tiburon Membership. Tiburon's goal is to help educate its clients in a low-cost way on a wide variety of topics in the banking, insurance, brokerage, & investment management markets. Tiburon's research covers product areas, distribution channels, tactical issues, & strategic issues. Tiburon also publishes profiles of financial services firms. Tiburon offers unlimited access to all of its research for all of a firm's employees for an entire calendar year for only $25,000. This service has helped hundreds of Tiburon clients to consolidate their research needs & budgets. Tiburon membership allows Tiburon members to utilize the Tiburon research library web page as their personal industry knowledge library across all of their employees. Tiburon also offers annual subscriptions to individual topics for $5,000.

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