Tiburon Advice

Tiburon works with a few dozen companies in an advisory capacity and is pleased to offer Tiburon Insiders and Tiburon Members with a variety of services to contribute to the continual development of its members' strategies:

  • Tiburon Strategic Assessments
  • Tiburon Strategy Consulting
  • Board Roles
  • Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Activist Advice

Tiburon Strategic Assessments

A Tiburon Strategic Assessment is a high level analysis of a Tiburon member's business model and strategy delivered remotely, via Zoom or similar technology.

While performing a Tiburon Strategic Assessment, Tiburon hosts two-to-four remote meetings with Tiburon member representatives to better understand the member's needs and requirements, and builds off of its written industry knowledge with customized analysis in the areas of internal capabilities, competitor strategies, and client needs

Fees for a Tiburon Strategic Assessment typically range from $100,000 - $200,000.

Please visit the Tiburon Strategic Assessments web page for more details.

Tiburon Strategy Consulting

Tiburon believes that while many former industry-experienced executives claim to be consultants, the training that Tiburon's principals have received at leading management consulting firms makes it one of the few firms truly able to deliver strategic-level multi-disciplinary advice to CEOs and other senior executives. Tiburon's core strength is in assisting CEOs and other senior executives in developing business strategies for new, growing, or lagging businesses.

Tiburon Strategy Consulting projects include a series of client steering committee meetings and a series of research modules necessary to turn written industry knowledge into specific business strategies.

Tiburon Strategy Consulting fees start at $500,000.

Please visit the Tiburon Strategy Consulting web page for more details.

Board Roles

As a boutique with a well-defined industry focus, Tiburon is able to structure a whole variety of relationships to satisfy many client needs. Tiburon executives have joined dozens of boards of both private and public companies (as well as of mutual funds) both domestically and internationally. The firm finds board roles to be a productive way to contribute to the continual development of its members' strategies.

Mr. Roame is frequently sought as a board member by Tiburon member company boards.

Please visit the Board Roles web page for more details.

Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Activist Advice

Due to the firm's detailed knowledge of the brokerage, investment management, wealth management, banking, and insurance markets, Tiburon has been asked by several mutual fund companies, broker/dealers, and financial advisors to consult on investments and/or transactions involving ownership change.

Common projects have included:

  • Due Diligence Participation
  • Acquisition Strategies
  • Acquisition Searches

The Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Activist Advice strategies are often structured as retainers and/or with equity participation. Please visit the Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Activist Advice web page for more details.