About Tiburon

Tiburon was formed in 1998 to offer market research, strategy consulting, & other related services primarily to financial services firms. Three of Tiburon’s core clientele groups are the CEOs and other senior executives of large US financial institutions faced with difficult strategic decisions, leading executives of foreign financial institutions trying to understand and/or enter the US markets, and a long list of venture capital & private equity firms, and investment banks, making investments in, and executing transactions in, areas where Tiburon has developed proprietary insights. Tiburon rarely serves financial advisors themselves, but due to the growth of the financial advisory markets, many of its recent client projects have required the firm to study the financial advisory markets.

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The Tiburon Engine

Tiburon intends to remain a mid-sized industry-focused boutique management consulting firm. The combination of the four above factors makes Tiburon unique. Tiburon is flexible as to project sizes, which have ranged from single day market seminars to complex multi-year customized advisory projects. All of the firm's work is based upon research and analysis, client input, competitor profiling, consumer needs, & business economics.

Tiburon Managing Principal, Consulting Staff, & Executive Program Members pose for a group picture at Tiburon CEO Summit VIII in San Francisco, CA

Hopefully, this page has provided a brief overview of the factors that distinguish Tiburon Strategic Advisors. More in-depth information on the firm's philosophies, methodologies, and expertise can be found under Industry Knowledge, Consulting Skills, Research Capabilities, and Industry Experience.