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Tiburon Corporate Membership

Tiburon offers its Tiburon corporate membership program on a calendar year basis for only $25,000. Tiburon corporate members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Tiburon CEO Summits (semi-annual; title qualified executives). Tiburon CEO Summits provide a unique opportunity for a select cross-industry group of senior executives to discuss a broad swath of issues regarding the future of the wealth & investment management businesses.
  • Tiburon Webinars (Tiburon Weekly Webinars; Tiburon One-on-One Webinars; Tiburon Web Site Webinars):
    • Tiburon Weekly Webinars: (weekly; open to all employees). Tiburon Weekly Webinars offer the opportunity to listen in live to hear the insights of Tiburon Managing Partner Chip Roame on leading edge topics, covering product areas, distribution channels, tactical issues, & strategic issues. Tiburon Weekly Webinars are generally scheduled on Thursdays at 10:00am PT & 1:00pm ET and are open to all employees of Tiburon member firms, irrespective of title.
    • Tiburon One-on-One Webinars: (on demand; all title qualified executives can schedule). Tiburon One-on-One Webinars are conducted with Tiburon Managing Partner Chip Roame on any of the 3,000+ Tiburon Written Research topics or company profiles. Tiburon member firms often use Tiburon Webinars to kick off board meetings, management committee meetings, & team offsites.
    • Tiburon Web Site Webinars: (on demand; open to all employees). Tiburon members can access prior Tiburon Research Webinars and hear the insights of Tiburon Managing Partner Chip Roame on leading edge topics in the wealth & investment management (and related WealthTech) markets.
  • Tiburon Written Research (on demand; over 3,000 topics; open to all employees). Tiburon Written Research represents the firm's underlying research on a wide variety of topics in the wealth & investment management (and related FinTech) markets.
Tiburon Steering Committee Membership

A few dozen Tiburon members choose to participate in its Tiburon steering committee program, whereby Tiburon helps these firms best market themselves at the Tiburon CEO Summits. Tiburon steering committee members pay $35,000 per year. Tiburon steering committee members receive:

  • All the above Tiburon member benefits
  • Tiburon CEO Summit Broader Participation Opportunities: Tiburon steering committee members can propose their own CEO and other industry CEOs as speakers (Tiburon Talks, CEO general session panel discussions, & CEO roundtable discussions). All title qualified executives are also welcome to participate in the mid-cycle Tiburon steering committee members participation call (held around the three-month mark) and volunteer themselves as moderators & facilitators
    • Speakers: All day speaker spots are reserved for CEOs, presidents, chairmen, & vice chairmen (as well as managing partners & managing principals when these titles are used to recognize the most senior executive), as well as partners of venture capital, private equity, & investment banking firms. This includes only those with the most senior partner title if firms have multiple partner levels. Founder is not qualified as a speaker title because it does not necessarily signify one as the most senior executive. All speakers are eligible for consideration every two years
    • Moderators & facilitators: All title qualified attendees are eligible and can volunteer at each Tiburon CEO Summit
  • Tiburon CEO Summit Attendee Access & Enhanced Networking: Tiburon steering committee member attendees are provided detailed attendee lists and are eligible to participate in the onsite Tiburon steering committee members only meeting held Monday preceding the start of each Tiburon CEO Summit to review the attendee list
  • Tiburon CEO Summit Board Member & Senior Advisor Passes: Tiburon steering committee members are able to invite their firm's board members & senior advisors to Tiburon CEO Summits
  • Tiburon Steering Committee Members Guest Passes: Tiburon steering committee members are able to invite an unlimited number of Tiburon steering committee member guests one time each to Tiburon CEO Summits as long as guests meet the title criteria (CEOs, other C-level executives, executive vice presidents, partners, managing directors, & select other business heads) and have never previously attended a Tiburon CEO Summit. Common guests include clients, prospects, strategic alliance partners, board members, etc.

Tiburon Individual Membership

A handful of trade group heads, one-off consultants, professors, and retired executives who attend the Tiburon CEO Summits are Tiburon individual members ($10,000 per year at an individual level). The benefits of an individual membership are the same as for corporate members but only applicable to the individual, the CEO of the firm. Tiburon individual members receive:

  • Tiburon CEO Summit invitations for the CEO
  • Tiburon Webinars scheduling ability for the CEO
  • Tiburon Research Call access for all employees
  • Tiburon Written Research access for all employees
Tiburon accepts only electronic payments via credit card or ACH bank transfer. To become a Tiburon member, please complete the form below. To confirm an order, and/or if you have questions, please contact Sarah Sage at or 415-789-2540. Thank you for your interest in Tiburon membership!