Tiburon Strategic Assessments

A Tiburon Strategic Assessment is a high level analysis of a Tiburon member's business model and strategy delivered remotely, via Zoom or similar technology. Fees for a Tiburon Strategic Assessment typically range from $100,000 - $200,000.

Tiburon Managing Partner Chip Roame drives home a point related to the guest presentation by Bill Landman of CMS Companies at Tiburon CEO Summit VIII in San Francisco, CA

While performing a Tiburon Strategic Assessment, Tiburon hosts two-to-four remote meetings with Tiburon member representatives to better understand the member's needs and requirements, and builds off of its written industry knowledge with customized analysis in the areas of internal capabilities, competitor strategies, and client needs:

  • Capabilities Reviews: A third-party assessment of a firm's internal capabilities is critical to developing sound strategy. Tiburon's depth of industry knowledge can make its capabilities reviews extremely detailed and worthwhile. Typical research models can include executive interviews, employee feedback surveys, financial assessments, marketing & web site assessments, technology assessments, and human resources assessments. In all cases, these research modules are undertaken to seek application of the client firms' capabilities in the brokerage & investments markets known well by Tiburon. Tiburon will conduct up to five executive interviews
  • Competitor Analyses: It is doubtful that any firm profiles competitors to the extent of Tiburon. By sticking to industries known to the firm's principals, Tiburon has repeatedly profiled nearly every firm associated with the brokerage and investments market. As a result, custom research for client projects can allow Tiburon to go much further in-depth regarding competitor strategies, initiatives, and tactics as well as the detailed pricing and service characteristics of individual products. Tiburon competitor analyses will often call for web site reviews, mystery shopping, executive interviews, financial advisor interviews (if applicable), and client interviews. Competitor research is done to uncover business opportunities being served by similar firms. Tiburon will conduct up to five competitor interviews
  • Client Needs Assessments: The brokerage & investments industry has a long history of doing limited detailed client needs assessments; the industry was long driven by intellectuals who chose to innovate products in front (or in-spite) of client needs. This is changing with the consumerism taking root in the industry, driven by firms such as The Charles Schwab Corporation, Fidelity Investments, The Vanguard Group, and Merrill Lynch. Client research can take many forms; depending on who one's clients are, in-person interviews, telephone interviews, focus groups, and written surveys can all be appropriate. Client research is undertaken to uncover emerging business opportunities. Tiburon will conduct up to five client interviews

This is not equivalent to a Tiburon Strategic Consulting project which provides for a more detailed, customized, and in depth analysis delivered in person.

If you would like more details or would like to schedule a Tiburon Strategic Assessment, please contact Sarah Sage at SSage@TiburonAdvisors.com or 415-789-2540.