Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Activist Advice

Tiburon's venture capital, private equity, & activist advice refers to the services that it provides to investors in the financial services industry. These companies often come to Tiburon for a series of reasons, including the firm's industry knowledge, strategy skills, business contacts, & financing contacts. Tiburon executives enjoy working with entrepreneurial ventures and the firm has structured dozens of such relationships.

Venture Capital

Tiburon is most interested in helping start-up companies when it can contribute both its strategy consulting skills and its knowledge of venture capital sources. Straight venture capital raising projects are of less interest to the firm.

Tiburon's philosophy regarding capital raising is to find only synergistic relationships whereby both parties benefit. As a result, Tiburon most often taps into strategic investors (financial services companies) rather than the traditional venture capital and private equity funds. However, Tiburon does have contacts in the latter as well, especially with funds and firms focused on the financial services marketplace.

Tiburon has been engaged for at least three different levels of strategic capital raising assistance. These service levels can best be described as introductions, mid-level support, & full support. Fees range for 1% to 7% of capital raised along with a retainer relationship to cover the value of time of the firm's executives.

Tiburon has accepted board memberships, stock options, & restricted shares of both public and private companies.

Private Equity

Many of Tiburon's contacts are private equity investors and appreciate being introduced to investment opportunities. Tiburon's industry experience allows it to help firms identify the right markets, develop the right products, & utilize the right pricing strategies. Tiburon is focused on private equity opportunities where it can add value to strategies and where strategic capital is sought.

The firm has also supported several acquirers in developing acquisition strategies and conducting acquisition searches. Tiburon addresses mergers & acquisitions from a strategic rather than transactional perspective. The most common assignment for which the firm has been engaged is to help clients develop acquisition or disposition strategies. This is quite like the firm's strategy consulting services with a more narrowly defined outcome. Given the extensive industry contacts of Tiburon executives, Tiburon has also been repeatedly engaged to conduct research on possible acquisition targets.

Activist Advice

Private equity firms, hedge funds, & other investors often attempt to effect material change at portfolio companies through obtaining seats on the company's board. Tiburon's industry contacts, knowledge, & experience allows it to assist activists in maximizing shareholder value.

Tiburon executives discuss Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Activist Advice strategies at Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVI in New York, NY

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