Tiburon CEO Summit Attendee Policy

Tiburon maintains a list of over 11,000 executive-level clients at over 450 companies which have engaged the firm, over 1,800 of whom have actively participated in prior Tiburon CEO Summits. Tiburon targets CEOs as the attendees and treats the events as a core service for its existing members, not as prospecting events. If you are an executive-level Tiburon member and would like to participate in a future Tiburon CEO Summit, please contact Tiburon's Managing Partner Chip Roame. If you are a prospective Tiburon member, please contact Sarah Sage about qualifying.

More specifically, the Tiburon CEO Summits have two attendee policies:

  • Members: Tiburon defines its corporate members as all firms that sponsor the Tiburon CEO Summits, become Tiburon members, and/or purchase at least a single day of consulting each year
  • Seniority: Tiburon targets CEO attendees and limits attendance to CEOs, other C-level executives, executive vice presidents, & partners at its 450+ corporate members. Tiburon invites the top 0.7% of its corporate members' executives. Other managing directors, senior vice presidents, functional heads, and all others are not invited in order to keep the discussion focused on CEO-level issues

Once invitations are extended, delegation is not allowed. Tiburon realizes that if substitutes are allowed, the firm may quickly end up hosting a vice presidents Summit, instead of a CEOs Summit. Due to the frequency and other commitments, many Tiburon members attend Tiburon's CEO Summits only periodically, but are still granted seats as long as they remain active Tiburon members.

Tiburon CEO Summits Member Qualification Policy

Since Tiburon hosts the events, it is economic reality that the group must be limited to senior executives at Tiburon member firms. Therefore, Tiburon CEO Summit attendees are sponsors, Tiburon members, & those who purchase at least one day of consulting each year. A wide variety of options exists for those seeking to fulfill the member attendee policy:

Tiburon CEO Summit Sponsorship

Tiburon seeks to build a group of Tiburon CEO Summit sponsors who can envision participating for the long-term. The cost to become a Tiburon CEO Summit sponsor is $35,000 a year. Tiburon CEO Summit sponsors receive:

  • Attendance for all sponsor CEOs, other C-level executives, executive vice presidents, & partners
  • Access to Tiburon Research Calls for all employees
  • Access to Tiburon Written Research for all employees
  • One time client guest passes (again for CEOs, other C-level executives, executive vice presidents, & partners)
  • Broader participation opportunities
  • Attendee access & enhanced networking
  • Publicity & brand association
To become a Tiburon CEO Summit Sponsor, please email Sarah Sage. Sarah or another Tiburon team member will be happy to explain the sponsor benefits package in more detail to any qualified attendee (e.g., CEOs, other C-level executives, executive vice presidents, & partners). Visit the Tiburon CEO Summit Sponsors web page for more information.

Tiburon Membership

Another easy way to continue as an ongoing Tiburon client is to become a Tiburon member ($25,000), which gives all employees at a firm access to all Tiburon Research Calls & Tiburon Written Research for a calendar year. Most Tiburon CEO Summit attendees' firms subscribe to this service.

Visit the Tiburon membership page for more details.

To become a Tiburon member, please email Sarah Sage.

Tiburon Onsite

Another easy way to engage Tiburon is to schedule a Tiburon partner for a conference speech or to present a half day market seminar to a firm's management team on any topic which Tiburon has previously researched ($35,000 plus travel). A few case examples from Tiburon members:

  • Engage a Tiburon partner for a market seminar on any topic of interest to your board of directors and utilize Tiburon's participation at an upcoming board meeting or preparation day
  • Engage a Tiburon partner for a market seminar on any topic of interest to your management team and utilize Tiburon's participation at a management team off site meeting
  • Engage a Tiburon partner to give a conference speech at an employee or financial advisor conference or meeting
  • Sponsor a Tiburon partner to give a conference speech at a non-profit trade group
  • Engage a Tiburon partner for a market seminar and give it as a gift to a key institutional or financial advisor client
  • Engage a Tiburon partner for a day and utilize the day to brief him/her on your business model (which will result in more thorough Tiburon research coverage)

Three useful links:

Prospective clients can also contact Sarah Sage about becoming Tiburon clients.

Tiburon also sends invitations to executives at all firms that engage the firm for advisory board roles.

Tiburon CEO Summits Title Qualification Policy

As noted above, Tiburon limits attendance at the Tiburon CEO Summits to CEOs, other C-level executives, executive vice presidents & partners. Dozens of questions have arisen over the years. Tiburon has served over 450 corporate members and in order to apply uniform rules the Tiburon CEO Summit sponsors committee has developed the following attendee policies:

  • Broadest Possible Definition of Corporate Members: Tiburon liberally defines its corporate members to include all title qualified executives at all businesses under common, even partial, ownership. Hence, an executive at one subsidiary may become eligible for attendance because an executive at another subsidiary joined as a Tiburon member. While the definition of corporate members is broad, two groups are excluded:
    • Investors: Tiburon does not extend invitations to financial investors, e.g., venture capital & private equity firms, which have invested in Tiburon clients. These same executives though are welcome to qualify in their full-time roles. The inverse is also true; Tiburon does not extend invitations to executives at firms invested in by venture capital & private equity firm clients. Again, these same executives though are welcome to have their firms qualify.
    • Board Members: Tiburon does not extend invitations to board members including non-executive chairmen. These same executives though are welcome to qualify in their full-time roles
  • Title Structures: Tiburon recognizes that companies have varying title structures. Experience across 450+ corporate members suggests that the most common direct reports to CEOs are other C-level executives, executive vice presidents, & partners. Tiburon recognizes that certain industries have title policies that may conflict with these rules. That said, Tiburon cannot make one off exceptions. Some more specific rules:
    • Professional Services Firms: Tiburon recognizes that professional services firms often utilize the partner title for executives of similar levels of seniority where financial services firms utilize the executive vice president title. Partners are welcome to attend the Tiburon CEO Summits but only those with the most senior partner title if firms have multiple partner levels
    • Most Senior Firm Title: Tiburon recognizes that a few firms utilize titles such as managing director or principal as their most senior title. Many other firms have partners above these titles. If no more senior title exists on a firm's web site, executives in these roles are invited to attend but Tiburon certainly cannot invite managing directors at firms with dozens or even hundreds of such
    • Most Senior Individual Title: Tiburon recognizes that some executives have multiple titles (e.g., general counsel and senior vice president). As long as both titles are published on the firm's web site and/or the individual's Linked In web page, Tiburon is willing to apply the more senior title to the title criteria. In the case above, Tiburon would list the attendee only as the general counsel
    • Functional Head Titles: Functional head titles are defined as executives managing functions such as marketing, sales, distribution, operations, technology, or human resources. Functional heads are only invited if they have another qualifying title
  • Verified Titles: Tiburon verifies all attendee titles through company web sites and/or executive LinkedIn postings. Tiburon also sometimes requests organizational charts to further verify confusing titles. Tiburon is unwilling to list any attendee at a title that is not consistent with the firm's published materials
  • First Time Attendees: Tiburon offers first time Tiburon CEO Summit attendees the opportunity to subscribe to a single topic research subscription for $5,000 in order to attend. This single topic subscription provides an invitation for only one first time attendee
  • Media Attendees: Tiburon invites publishing staff but not editorial staff

Tiburon frequently reviews its attendee policies in collaboration with its Tiburon CEO Summit sponsors at its quarterly Tiburon CEO Summit sponsors meetings. Tiburon is open to improvements in said policy. That said, no individual exceptions can be made as Tiburon seeks to maintain one policy for the more than 450 corporate members it has served.