Tiburon CEO Summit XLVII - Hotel & Logistics

This page summarizes the culture, attendee expectations, meeting locations, hotel, & other logistics for Tiburon's CEO Summits.

Tiburon CEO Summit Meeting Location

Tiburon CEO Summit XLVII will be held October 28-30, 2024 at the Four Seasons San Francisco Hotel located at 757 Market Street in the Yerba Buena neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco.

Tiburon requests that attendees stay at the hotel as the hotel negotiates the rental of the meeting space with the understanding that the majority of attendees will be in residence, and Tiburon bears the financial risk for unfilled rooms.

The Four Seasons San Francisco Hotel is a 277 room Forbes rated hotel. Tiburon CEO Summit attendees can make discounted room reservations using this link or by contacting the hotel at 415-633-3000 (referencing Tiburon CEO Summit XLVII should result in receipt of a discounted rate). Reservations need to be made early to receive this discounted hotel rate. Details regarding the hotel can also be found at www.FourSeasons.Com.

Tiburon CEO Summit Meals

Tiburon will organize most meals during the Tiburon CEO Summits.

Breakfast & Lunch Meals

Tiburon will order a continental breakfast, lunch, & snacks for both days of the Tiburon CEO Summit. Coffee, tea, water, & soda will also be available throughout both days.

Monday Welcome Reception Plans

Tiburon will host a welcome reception Monday evening, October 28, 2024 at 5:00pm at the Four Seasons San Francisco Hotel. Upon arrival, all attendees are encouraged to attend. Spouses and significant others are also welcome (but not business guests who are not registered Tiburon CEO Summit attendees).

Tuesday Dinner Plans

Tiburon will host a group dinner Tuesday evening, October 29, 2024 at 6.30pm at Bungalow Kitchen (5 Main St, Tiburon, CA 94920). Transportation to dinner will be provided. Spouses and significant others are welcome (but not business guests who are not registered Tiburon CEO Summit attendees).

Tiburon CEO Summit Culture & Attendee Expectations

Tiburon fosters an inclusive and welcoming community culture at the Tiburon CEO Summits and has a number of guidelines to meet this commitment:

  • Focus on consumers. The entire wealth & investment management business exists to support consumers. Tiburon seeks to encourage sincere discussions of consumers' needs.
  • Challenge conventional wisdom. Tiburon encourages debate and discussion of new business models.
  • Respect fellow attendees. While encouraging diverse views, the Tiburon CEO Summit culture is one of respect. Tiburon has removed dozens of prior Tiburon CEO Summit attendees from the Tiburon CEO Summit invitee list for a variety of reasons, including disrespectful remarks, sales efforts, and lack of discretion.
  • No media coverage. Tiburon has tried various media strategies over the years. Speakers overwhelmingly ask that no media be present so that discussions can be had about tough industry issues without attribution. The same applies to social media. Social media posts by attendees are welcome but Tiburon asks that attendees not quote speakers without their approval

Other Logistics

Other logistical points are listed below:
  • Dress code: Business casual
  • Prompt starting times: All meetings will start promptly on time to recognize the value of everyone's time
  • Expenses: Tiburon will cover the costs of meeting rooms, on site meals, & the group dinner. There is no cost to attend other than one's travel costs
  • Spouses & Significant Others: Spouses & significant others (but not business guests who are not registered Tiburon CEO Summit attendees) are welcome at the cocktail reception & group dinner
  • Attendee Registration Form: All attendees will be sent a link to the Tiburon CEO Summit Attendee Registration Form upon tentative registration, whereby they will be able choose CEO roundtable discussion options to attend as well as make various decisions pertaining to the welcome reception & group dinner

Other logistics will be posted as available.

Please contact Sarah Sage at 415-789-2540 or SSage@TiburonAdvisors.Com with any further questions pertaining to Tiburon CEO Summit logistics.

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