Tiburon Partners Fund

The Tiburon Partners Fund was founded in 2016 with the objective of investing in financial services and FinTech companies where Tiburon can add value. The fund's vision to find, and partner with, exceptional CEOs to help them accelerate the growth of their firms and achieve exceptional results.

The Tiburon Partners Fund delivers strategic guidance and insights on the issues and opportunities that impact financial services firms' growth and success, as board members or through minority investment roles.

Tiburon Partners Fund Investment Categories

The Tiburon Partners Fund engages in a broad range of investment activities and has the flexibility to invest in a wide variety of asset classes. Several that have been prominent in recent years include:

  • Venture capital
  • Private equity
  • Public stock investing
  • Activist strategies

Tiburon Partners Fund Investments

The Tiburon Partners Fund has invested in dozens of companies since its inception, including:

  • Edelman Financial Engines
  • Envestnet
  • FacetWealth
  • Morningstar
  • The Charles Schwab Corporation

Tiburon Partners Fund Process

Tiburon leverages its unique research and deep industry knowledge to position itself within its investment activities, and values the importance of expertise beyond simply a financial investment. Tiburon's value added services include:

  • Industry knowledge
  • Strategic skills
  • Relationships with senior executives
  • Relationships with funding sources

Please contact Sarah Sage for more information