Tiburon Membership

Tiburon offers its Tiburon Membership program on a calendar year basis for only $25,000. Tiburon Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Tiburon CEO Summits (semi-annual; qualified executives only)
  • Tiburon Research Calls (weekly; open to all employees)
  • Tiburon Written Research (2,400 topics; open to all employees)

Tiburon CEO Summits
Tiburon hosts its unique semi-annual Tiburon CEO Summits for its executive-level clients in April in New York and in October in San Francisco each year.

Tiburon's CEO Summits provide a unique opportunity for a select cross-industry group of senior executives to discuss a broad swath of issues regarding the future of the banking, insurance, brokerage, & investment management businesses.

Tiburon CEO Summits last two-to-three days and focus on in-depth discussions of Tiburon research and leading-edge business models through fireside chats, Tiburon Talks (akin to TED Talks), panel discussions, & roundtable sessions. Fireside chats are wide ranging conversations between current and prior Tiburon CEO Summit award recipients and Tiburon Managing Partner Chip Roame. Tiburon Talks often address public policy issues & corporate governance issues. Panel discussions are structured to solicit alternative views from four CEOs each and/or from various industry players, including consumers, financial advisors, gatekeepers, stock analysts, venture capitalists, investment bankers, private equity investors, journalists, & others. Roundtable sessions allow for more in-depth discussions on timely topics as chosen by attendees.

The Tiburon CEO Summits have become a hot ticket for industry executives. There is no cost to attend beyond one's travel & lodging expenses. Attendance is by invitation only; all attendees are ongoing Tiburon clients.

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Tiburon Research Calls
Tiburon Research Calls offer the unique opportunity to hear the insights of Tiburon Managing Partner Chip Roame on leading edge topics. Tiburon Research Calls are generally scheduled on Thursdays at 10:00am PT & 1:00pm ET and are open to all employees of member firms, irrespective of title.

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Tiburon Written Research
Tiburon Written Research represents the firm's underlying research (coverage of over 2,400 topics with over 2.0 million unique PowerPoint charts). Tiburon's goal is to help educate Tiburon members in a low-cost way on a wide variety of topics in the banking, insurance, brokerage, & investment management markets. Tiburon's Written Research covers product areas, distribution channels, tactical issues, & strategic issues. Tiburon also publishes profiles of financial services firms.

Tiburon offers unlimited access to all of its research for all of a member firm's employees for an entire calendar year, helping Tiburon clients to consolidate their research needs & budgets. Tiburon membership allows Tiburon members to utilize the Tiburon research library web page as their personal industry knowledge library across all of their employees.

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If you are interested in becoming a Tiburon member, please click here to Subscribe online, or contact Sarah Sage for more information