Tiburon CEO Summits
Tiburon has held 35 prior CEO Summits, with the first Tiburon CEO Summit taking place in 2001. Details of Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV are included below; for details of other Tiburon CEO Summits, please click here: (Most Recent), 2018-2019, 2016-2017, 2014-2015, 2012-2013, 2010-2011, 2008-2009, 2006-2007, 2004-2005, & 2001-2003.

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV: October 8-10, 2018

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV was held October 8-10, 2018, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, CA. Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV officially started at 7:45am on Tuesday, October 9, 2018, included a group dinner that night, and finished at 2:00pm on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Senior industry executives took two days out of their busy schedules to participate. There were over twenty sessions. Along with Tiburon's Managing Partner Chip Roame, Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV included speakers Mike Alfred (CEO, Digital Assets Data); David Benskin (CEO, Wealth Access); Dale Brown (CEO, Financial Services Institute (FSI)); Bruce Cameron (Co-CEO, Berkshire Global Advisors); Dean Cook (CEO, FTJ FundChoice); Joe Deitch (Chairman, Commonwealth Financial Network); Adam Durrett (Managing Director, Hellman & Friedman); Tash Elwyn (CEO, Raymond James & Associates); Dave Garff (President, Accuvest Global Advisors); Craig Gordon (Chief of Strategic Development, RBC Correspondent & Advisor Services); Barnaby Grist (Executive Chairman, RIA in a Box); Jason Grumet (CEO, Bipartisian Policy Center); Raphael Haas (CEO, Melting Point Solutions); Brian Hamburger (CEO, MarketCounsel); Scott Hanson (Co-CEO, Hanson McClain Group); Jim Hays (President, Wealth Brokerage Services, Wells Fargo Corporation); Bob Herrmann (CEO, Discovery Data); Phil Hildebrandt (CEO, Segall, Bryant, & Hamill); Heather Holmes (CEO, Genivity); Steve Janachowski (CEO, Brouwer & Janachowski); Aaron Klein (CEO, Riskalyze); David Knoch (President, 1st Global Capital Corporation); Tim Kochis (Former CEO, Aspiriant); Steve Lockshin (CEO, Advice Period); Stephanie Luedke (Global Head, Citi Investment Management); Neal Maglaque (President, Business Development, Advice & Wealth Management, Ameriprise Financial); Pat McClain (Co-CEO, Hanson McClain Group); Kathryn Morrison (CEO, Sun Star Strategic); Rob Nail (CEO, Singularity University); Vinay Nair (Chairman, 55ip); Liz Nesvold (Managing Partner, Silver Lane Advisors); Nathana O'Brien-Sharma (Faculty, Singularity University); Will Quist (Partner, Slow Ventures); Kevin Rafferty (CEO, Financeware); Larry Raffone (CEO, Financial Engines Edelman); John Rome (Co-Founder, Intensity Analytics Corporation); Rich Rosenbaum (Partner, Aquiline Capital Partners); James Rowe (Managing Partner, Entoro Capital); Brendan Ryan (Co-Business Head, Technology & Services Investment Banking, Raymond James Financial); Tony Salewski (Managing Director, Genstar Capital); Ken Schapiro (CEO, BackEnd Benchmarking); Skip Schweiss (President, TD Ameritrade Trust Company); Dan Seivert (CEO, Echelon Partners); Jay Shah (CEO, Personal Capital Corporation); Tim Shannon (President, CAIS Group); Raghav Sharma (CEO, GuideVine); Meir Statman (Professor, Finance, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University); Jeff Stein (Managing Director, Warburg Pincus); Laura Varas (CEO, Hearts & Wallets); Hardeep Walia (CEO, Motif Investing); Cathy Weatherford (CEO, Insured Retirement Institute (IRI)); Craig Wietz (President, First Rate); & others. Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV also featured the firm's traditional client-centric panel discussions and two networking-based social events.

Chip Roame (Managing Partner, Tiburon Strategic Advisors)

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV: October 8-10, 2018. Tiburon Strategic Advisors is pleased to provide a summary of the content of its Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV keynote presentations. Chip Roame (Managing Partner, Tiburon Strategic Advisors) gave a day #1 presentation broadly addressing the state of the financial services industry, with a specific focus on the growing wealth management market. He also gave a day #2 presentation addressing strategic activity within the industry.

Charles ("Chip") Roame is the Managing Partner of Tiburon Strategic Advisors and a leading strategic consultant to CEOs, other senior executives, & boards of directors in the banking, insurance, brokerage, & investment management markets. Prior to forming Tiburon in 1998, Mr. Roame served in similar capacities, first as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, and later as a business strategist at The Charles Schwab Corporation. Mr. Roame is quoted daily throughout the media and, due to Tiburon's widely shared research, he may be the most frequently demanded board advisor. His particular expertise is that of corporate strategy for larger financial services firms, designing broad multi-faceted strategies and making trade-offs between alternative businesses, products, & markets.

Mr. Roame has responsibility for all of Tiburon's consulting, research, & marketing activities which keeps him on the leading-edge of strategic initiatives in the industry's fastest growing businesses -- exchange traded funds, hedge funds & other alternative investments, bitcoin & blockchain, financial planning, wealth management services, life insurance, annuities, family office services, online financial services, and the growing independent advisor markets. He has also taken a substantial interest in regulatory issues such as the fiduciary standard, and in financial services industry venture capital & private equity opportunities and mergers & acquisitions transactions. At Tiburon, Mr. Roame has led over 1,900 client engagements for over 450 corporate clients since 1998.

Mr. Roame has won numerous awards throughout the private equity, investment banking, consulting, and financial services industries, including being named one of the power 25 elite by Investment News, one of the 25 most influential individuals in the advisor business by Investment Advisor magazine, & one of the five experts with the answers by Boomer Market Advisor. Tiburon has also been named one of the fastest growing companies by the San Francisco Business Times in multiple years.

Mr. Roame is frequently sought as a board member by Tiburon client company boards. He presently serves as a board member of Envestnet (NYSE: ENV), as a board member of Edelman Financial Services (Ric Edelman´┐Żs business backed by Hellman & Friedman), and as a trustee of the SA mutual funds family (which is sponsored by Loring Ward and employs Dimensional Fund Advisors as its sole sub-advisor).

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV: Videos

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Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV: Photographs

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Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV: Attendee List

  • Chip Roame (Managing Partner, Tiburon Strategic Advisors)
  • Mike Abelson (Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, AssetMark)
  • Blaine Aikin (Executive Chairman, fi360)
  • Shai Akabas (Director, Economic Policy, Bipartisan Policy Center)
  • Mike Alfred (CEO, Digital Assets Data)
  • Ted Angus (General Counsel, AssetMark)
  • Frank Apollo (Chief Operating Officer, Hines Securities)
  • Anil Arora (CEO, Envestnet Yodlee)
  • Steve Atkinson (Executive Vice President, Advisor Relations, Loring Ward Group)
  • Jason Barg (Partner, Lovell Minnick Partners)
  • Dave Barton (Vice Chairman, Mercer Advisors)
  • Steve Begleiter (Managing Director, Flexpoint Ford)
  • David Benskin (CEO, Wealth Access)
  • Jeff Brand (Managing Director, Silver Lane Advisors)
  • Dale Brown (CEO, Financial Services Institute (FSI))
  • Kevin Byrne (CEO, Pacific Global Asset Management, Pacific Life Insurance Company)
  • Eric Byunn (Partner, Centana Growth Partners)
  • Bruce Cameron (Co-CEO, Berkshire Global Advisors)
  • Mike Capelle (Chief Platform Officer, United Capital Financial Partners)
  • Bill Capuzzi (CEO, Apex Clearing Corporation)
  • Jeff Carlin (Senior Managing Director, United States Retail Distribution, Nuveen Investments)
  • Tim Carroll (CEO, New York Private Trust Company)
  • James Caulkins (Chief Revenue Officer, Docupace Technologies)
  • Jerry Chafkin (Chief Investment Officer, AssetMark)
  • Peter Cieszko (Chief Client Officer, Americas, American Century Investments)
  • Eric Clarke (CEO, Orion Advisor Services)
  • Alan Clopine (Co-CEO, Pure Financial Advisors)
  • David Conover (CEO, EverBank Wealth Management)
  • Dean Cook (CEO, FTJ FundChoice)
  • Todd Crockett (Managing Director, TA Associates)
  • Ben Cukier (Managing Partner, Centana Growth Partners)
  • Jeff Cusack (Senior Managing Director, National Sales, Nuveen Investments)
  • Peter deBoer (CEO, CFRA Research)
  • Robert DeChellis (President, Allianz Exchange, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North)
  • Joe Deitch (Chairman, Commonwealth Financial Network)
  • Stuart DePina (President, Envestnet Tamarac)
  • Will Dolan (Business Head, Fidelity ActionsXchange)
  • Jeffrey Dunham (CEO, Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel)
  • Adam Durrett (Managing Director, Hellman & Friedman)
  • Ric Edelman (Chairman, Investor Education, Edelman Financial Services)
  • Tash Elwyn (CEO, Raymond James & Associates)
  • Pete Engelken (Chief Operating Officer, Hanson McClain Advisors)
  • Ron Fiske (Business Head, Retail Business, Apex Clearing Corporation)
  • Rob Foregger (Executive Vice President, NextCapital Group)
  • Jon Frojen (Chief Financial Officer, United Capital Financial Partners)
  • Paul Gamble (CEO, 55ip)
  • Dave Garff (President, Accuvest Global Advisors)
  • Adi Garg (Chief Technology Officer, Hanson McClain Group)
  • Charles Goldman (CEO, AssetMark)
  • Craig Gordon (Chief of Strategic Development, RBC Correspondent & Advisor Services)
  • Barnaby Grist (Executive Chairman, RIA in a Box)
  • Jason Grumet (CEO, Bipartisan Policy Center)
  • Raphael Haas (CEO, Melting Point Solutions)
  • Scott Greenwald (Chief Operating Officer, Backend Benchmarking)
  • Bomy Hagopian (Partner, Berkshire Global Advisors)
  • Jim Hale (Founding Partner Emeritus, FTV Capital)
  • Brian Hamburger (CEO, MarketCounsel)
  • Carrie Hansen (President, Mutual Funds, AssetMark)
  • Scott Hanson (Co-CEO, Hanson McClain Group)
  • Jim Hays (President, Wealth Brokerage Services, Wells Fargo Corporation)
  • Bob Herrmann (CEO, Discovery Data)
  • Kyle Hiatt (Executive Vice President, Institutional Business Development, Orion Advisor Services)
  • Phil Hildebrandt (CEO, Segall, Bryant, & Hamill)
  • John Hoehn (Chief Product Officer, Ridgeline)
  • Heather Holmes (CEO, Genivity)
  • Anton Honikman (CEO, MyVest Corporation)
  • Steve Houston (Partner, Alaia Capital)
  • Bob Huret (Founding Partner Emeritus, FTV Capital)
  • Steve Janachowski (CEO, Brouwer & Janachowski)
  • Peter Jantzen (Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Vestmark)
  • Anders Jones (CEO, Facet Wealth)
  • Craig Katz (Executive Vice President, Discovery Data)
  • Kevin Keller (CEO, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board))
  • Bradley Kellogg (Chief Operating Officer, FIX Flyer)
  • Mike Kerins (CEO, RobustWealth)
  • Michael Kim (Chief Client Officer, AssetMark)
  • Rob Klapprodt (President, Vestmark)
  • Aaron Klein (CEO, Riskalyze)
  • David Knoch (President, 1st Global Capital Corporation)
  • Tim Kochis (CEO, Kochis Global)
  • Matthias Kuhlmey (Executive Vice President, Enterprise Investments & Acquisitions, HighTower)
  • Chris Lau (Chief Distribution Officer, DPL Financial Partners)
  • David Lau (CEO, DPL Financial Partners)
  • Karen Lee (Chief Strategy Officer, Mercer Advisors)
  • Doug Lennick (CEO, think2perform)
  • Andrew Lewis (Executive Vice President, Business Development & Channel Sales, InvestCloud)
  • Steve Lockshin (CEO, Advice Period)
  • Michael Lovett (Business Head, RIA Channel, Financial Advisor Services, The Vanguard Group)
  • Oscar Loynaz (CEO, Alaia Capital)
  • Stephanie Luedke (Global Head, Citi Investment Management)
  • Jack Lynch (Chief Strategy Officer, Ridgeline)
  • Dave MacEwen (Co-Chief Investment Officer, American Century Investments)
  • Scott MacKenzie (CEO, Fidelity Clearing Canada)
  • Neal Maglaque (President, Business Development, Advice & Wealth Management, Ameriprise Financial)
  • Pete Masucci (Managing Director, New Mountain Capital)
  • Jackie Matthews (CEO, Investment Pod)
  • Chris McClain (Chief Revenue Officer, Ridgeline)
  • Pat McClain (Co-CEO, Hanson McClain Group)
  • Mike McDaniel (Chief Investment Officer, Riskalyze)
  • Patrick McKenna (Executive Chairman, Facet Wealth)
  • Chuck McKenzie (President, Fidelity International Japan)
  • Muk Mehta (Chief Information Officer, AssetMark)
  • John Michel (CEO, CircleBlack)
  • Jon Miller (Chief Technology Officer, Hearts & Wallets)
  • Rohan Modi (Executive Vice President, Marketing, Investment Services, Fiserv)
  • Kathryn Morrison (CEO, Sun Star Strategic)
  • Alex Mostovoi (Chief Operating Office, Wealth Management, Emigrant Bank)
  • Bill Mueller (CEO, fi360)
  • Bob Mulcare (Managing Director, New Mountain Capital)
  • Rob Nail (CEO, Singularity University)
  • Vinay Nair (Chairman, 55ip)
  • Liz Nesvold (Managing Partner, Silver Lane Advisors)
  • Jason Nicholls (Chief Data Officer, InvestCloud)
  • Nathana O’Brien-Sharma (Partner, Crypto Lotus)
  • Harry O’Mealia (CEO, 1919 Investment Counsel)
  • Josh Pace (President, TCA by E*Trade)
  • Ronak Pakzad (Partner, Entoro Capital)
  • Ryan Parker (CEO, Edelman Financial Services)
  • Lauren Pearson (Partner, HighTower Somerset)
  • Steve Pierson (Managing Partner, Lovell Minnick Partners)
  • Michael Pinsker (Chairman, Docupace Technologies)
  • Will Quist (Partner, Slow Ventures)
  • Kevin Rafferty (CEO, Financeware)
  • Larry Raffone (CEO, Financial Engines)
  • Kian Rafia (Business Head, Advisor Solutions, Morningstar)
  • Dean Rager (President, Geneos RIA)
  • Lisa Rapuano (Chief Revenue Officer, Facet Wealth)
  • Matt Regan (President, Wealthcare)
  • Brandon Rembe (Chief Technology Officer, Envestnet Tamarac)
  • Bethann Rome (Co-Founder, Intensity Analytics Corporation)
  • John Rome (Co-Founder, Intensity Analytics Corporation)
  • Rich Rosenbaum (Partner, Aquiline Capital Partners)
  • Brian Ross (CEO, FIX Flyer)
  • James Row (Managing Partner, Entoro Capital)
  • Andrew Rudd (CEO, Advisor Software)
  • Brendan Ryan (Managing Director, Technology & Services Group, Investment Banking, Raymond James Capital Markets)
  • Tony Salewski (Managing Director, Genstar Capital)
  • Dave Scalzo (Managing Partner, Kirenaga)
  • Paul Schaeffer (Advisor, Aquiline Capital Partners)
  • Ken Schapiro (President, Condor Capital Management)
  • Eram Schlegel (Chief Product Officer, CFRA Research)
  • Chris Schrobilgen (Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Advisor Partners)
  • Aaron Schumm (CEO, Vestwell)
  • Skip Schweiss (President, TD Ameritrade Trust Company)
  • Dan Seivert (CEO, Echelon Partners)
  • Jay Shah (CEO, Personal Capital Corporation)
  • Sachin Shah (Chief Revenue Officer, 55ip)
  • Tim Shannon (President, CAIS Group)
  • Raghav Sharma (CEO, GuideVine)
  • Babu Sivadasan (President, Envestnet Retirement Solutions)
  • Bryce Skaff (Business Head, United States Financial Advisor Services, Dimensional Fund Advisors)
  • David Smith (Founding Publisher, Financial Advisor & Private Wealth Magazines)
  • Marshall Smith (Chief Product Officer, First Rate)
  • Steven Spiegel (Partner, Aquiline Capital Partners)
  • Paul Stamas (Managing Director, General Atlantic)
  • Meir Statman (Professor, Finance, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University)
  • Jeff Stein (Managing Director, Warburg Pincus)
  • Hal Strong (Operating Executive, Financial Services, Genstar Capital)
  • Eric Sutherland (President, PIMCO Investments)
  • Marie Swift (CEO, Impact Communications)
  • Mark Tapling (CEO, Docupace Technologies)
  • Benjamin Thomason (Executive Vice President, Sales, Vestwell)
  • Mark Trousdale (Chief Marketing Officer, InvestCloud)
  • Laura Varas (CEO, Hearts & Wallets)
  • Hardeep Walia (CEO, Motif Investing)
  • Kelly Waltrich (Chief Marketing Officer, Orion Advisor Services)
  • Bob Ward (Chief Revenue Officer, Financeware)
  • Steve Warren (Co-Founder, MyVest Corporation)
  • Cathy Weatherford (CEO, Insured Retirement Institute (IRI))
  • Elliot Weissbluth (CEO, HighTower)
  • Dave Welling (CEO, Mercer Advisors)
  • Craig Wietz (President, First Rate)
  • Natalie Wolfsen (Chief Commercialization Officer, AssetMark)
  • Matt Wolniewicz (President, fi360)
  • Mark Worsey (Chief Operating Officer, MyVest Corporation)
  • Serena Ziskroit (Chief People Officer, RobustWealth)


Prior Tiburon CEO Summits

As noted above, details on prior Tiburon CEO Summits are also available here:
(Most Recent), 2018-2019, 2016-2017, 2014-2015, 2012-2013, 2010-2011, 2008-2009, 2006-2007, 2004-2005, & 2001-2003.