Tiburon Seminars, Training, & Speeches

Tiburon Strategic Advisors is able to deliver detailed presentations and/or actively participate in detailed conversations on a wide range of products and markets within the wealth & investment management (and related FinTech) markets, with the capability to be hosted in a virtual environment without significant lead time.

Exclusively for Tiburon members, Tiburon provides detailed presentations to enhance any forum:

  • Tiburon Market Seminars
  • Tiburon Training
  • Tiburon Conference Speeches

This ability is based upon both the depth of Tiburon's existing written industry knowledge (over 3,000 topics and 2.0 million PowerPoint charts and graphs) and its broad CEO-level industry contacts. As a result, Tiburon Seminars, Training, & Conference Speeches have become the ideal forum for Tiburon members who need a quick and yet thorough understanding of industry dynamics and leading players in growing markets. This is also an ideal low-cost method for new Tiburon members to tap into the firm's years of industry experience and prior research efforts.

Tiburon's primary speaker is its Managing Partner Chip Roame, who is dedicated to sharing the firm's research and who leads about seventy-five events per year, possibly making him the most frequent speaker in the industry.

Tiburon Market Seminars

Tiburon members engage Tiburon to make industry presentations to its executives and/or board members. Often times, Tiburon CEO-level executives attending its Tiburon CEO Summits wish to have Tiburon's keynote presentation delivered to broader groups of its executives. Tiburon can address topics from a variety of angles, and can also combine topics to make longer or broader seminars for members interested in multiple markets or products.

Tiburon has specifically been tasked by many member firms to deliver presentations and lead brainstorming sessions with boards of directors, senior management teams, venture capital teams, & other groups. Tiburon Market Seminars are a great way to kick-off board meetings, management committee meetings, & sales meetings.

Please visit the Tiburon Market Seminar web page for more details.

Tiburon Training

Tiburon Training is ideal for clients who wish to educate a wider employee base with a thorough understanding of industry dynamics and leading players in growing markets.

Tiburon Training can be tailored to meet a client and audience's needs:

  • Large group of new employees
  • Executive leadership industry training & update
  • Firmwide annual industry training & update

Please visit the Tiburon Training web page for more details.

Tiburon Conference Speeches

Tiburon Conference Speeches are continuously updated and share insights from the firm's ongoing research efforts (Tiburon has no canned speeches). The firm's most popular speech topics evolve with market trends and Tiburon's research agenda. At any given time, Tiburon usually has 15-20 topics that are in high-demand and for which the firm has recently completed research.

Tiburon's Managing Partner has given hundreds of speeches to both financial industry executives and financial advisors. Common audiences for Tiburon's Managing Partner include:

  • Financial advisor annual conferences, top producers trips, regional forums, & due diligence trips
  • Employee meetings
  • National & regional trade group meetings

Please visit the Tiburon Conference Speeches web page for more details.