Tiburon CEO Summits

Register Tiburon hosts its unique semi-annual Tiburon CEO Summits for its executive-level clients. Tiburon CEO Summit XLI will be held November 1-3, 2021 at the Four Seasons Resort & Club Dallas at Las Colinas in Dallas, TX. Please click here to review the tentative meeting agenda and here to view the Tiburon member attendee list for this upcoming Tiburon CEO Summit.

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII was held October 7-9, 2019 at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, CA; please click here to read about this hugely successful Tiburon CEO Summit and the preceding Tiburon CEO Summits as well.

Tiburon's CEO Summits provide a unique opportunity for a select cross-industry group of senior executives to discuss a broad swath of issues regarding the future of the wealth & investment management businesses. Tiburon's CEO Summits likely provide one of the only true forums where financial services industry CEOs from across traditional industry silos gather to discuss business opportunities. The list of business relationships resulting from prior Tiburon CEO Summits is impressive.

Tiburon CEO Summits last two-to-three days and focus on in-depth discussions of Tiburon research and leading-edge business models through fireside chats, Tiburon Talks (akin to TED Talks), panel discussions, & roundtable sessions. Fireside chats are wide ranging conversations between current and prior Tiburon CEO Summit award recipients and Tiburon Managing Partner Chip Roame. Tiburon Talks often address public policy issues & corporate governance issues. Panel discussions are structured to solicit alternative views from four CEOs each and/or from various industry players, including consumers, financial advisors, gatekeepers, stock analysts, venture capitalists, investment bankers, private equity investors, journalists, & others. Roundtable sessions allow for more in-depth discussions on timely topics as chosen by attendees.

The Tiburon CEO Summits have become a hot ticket for industry executives. There is no cost to attend beyond one's travel & lodging expenses. Attendance is by invitation only; all attendees are ongoing Tiburon members.

Tiburon CEO Summit XLI: November 1-3, 2021

Tiburon CEO Summit XLI will be held November 1-3, 2021 at the Four Seasons Resort & Club Dallas at Las Colinas in Dallas, TX. Tiburon CEO Summit XLI will officially start at 7:45am on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, include a group dinner that night, and finish at 1:00pm on Wednesday, November 3, 2021. Senior industry executives will take two days out of their busy schedules to participate. There will be over twenty sessions. Along with Tiburon's Managing Partner Chip Roame, Tiburon CEO Summit XLI will include speakers Rob Arnott (Chairman, Research Affiliates); Walt Bettinger (CEO, The Charles Schwab Corporation); David Booth (Chairman, Dimensional Fund Advisors); Mike Alexander (President, Wealth Management & Global Managed Services, Broadridge Financial Solutions); Jim Ashton (General Partner, NewSpring Capital); Clayton Bland (CEO, CLA Wealth Advisors); Brent Brodeski (CEO, Savant Wealth Management); Cary Broussard (Founder, From Cinderella to CEO); Dale Brown (CEO, Financial Services Institute (FSI)); Dave Butler (Co-CEO, Dimensional Fund Advisors); Caleb Callahan (President, ValMark Financial Group); Bruce Cameron (CEO, Berkshire Global Advisors); David Canter (Executive Vice President, Registered Investment Advisor Segment, Fidelity Institutional); Michael Carvin (CEO, SmartAsset); Eric Clarke (CEO, Orion Advisor Solutions); Matt Cooper (President, Beacon Pointe Advisors); Ron Cordes (Co-Founder, Cordes Foundation); Jonathan Craig (Business Head, Investor Services & Marketing, The Charles Schwab Corporation); Scott Curtis (President, Private Client Group, Raymond James Financial); Jeff Dekko (CEO, Wealth Enhancement Group); Andrew Dodson (Managing Partner, Parthenon Capital); Ric Edelman (Founder, Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals); Tim Freundlich (Co-Founder, Impact Assets); Andres Garcia-Amaya (CEO, Zoe Financial); Scott Hanson (Co-CEO, Allworth Financial); Margaret Hartigan (CEO, Marstone); Wendy Hartman (President, Buckingham Strategic Wealth); Tom Haught (President, Sequoia Financial Group); Phil Hildebrandt (CEO, Segall, Bryant, & Hamill); Mike Hollander (Managing Director, GTCR); Jamie Hopkins (Managing Partner, Wealth Solutions, Carson Group); Hunter Horsley (CEO, Bitwise Asset Management); Tom Jessop (President, Fidelity Digital Assets); Jenny Johnson (CEO, Franklin Resources); Anders Jones (CEO, Facet Wealth); Kunal Kapoor (CEO, Morningstar); Jenn Kenning (CEO, Align Impact); Chris King (CEO, Eaglebrook Advisors); David Knoch (CEO, Docupace Technologies); Bill Koehler (CEO, FCI Advisors); Biju Kulathakal (CEO, Halo Investing); Michael Lane (Business Head, iShares, United States Wealth Advisory, BlackRock); David Lau (CEO, DPL Financial Partners); Todd Mackay (President, Avantax); Taylor Matthews (CEO, Farther Finance); Patrick McKenna (Partner, Comeback Capital); Milind Mehere (CEO, Yieldstreet); Fielding Miller (CEO, CAPTRUST); Alan Moore (CEO, XY Planning Network); Brent Newcomb (President, EcoFin Investments); Eric Poirier (CEO, Addepar); Matt Regan (President, Wealthcare Capital Management); Eduardo Repetto (Chief Investment Officer, Avantis Investors); Shawn Rochester (CEO, Minority Equality Opportunities Acquisition); Danny Rodriguez (Partner, Lee Equity Partners); Kelly Rodriques (CEO, Forge Global); Brendan Ryan (Co-Business Head, Technology & Services Investment Banking, Raymond James Financial); Aaron Schumm (CEO, Vestwell Holdings); Mitch Spector (Partner, Berkshire Global Advisors); Matt Witkos (President, Eaton Vance Distributors); & others. Tiburon CEO Summit XLI will also feature the firm's traditional client-centric panel discussions and two networking-based social events.

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII: October 7-9, 2019

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII was held October 7-9, 2019 at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, CA. Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII officially started at 7:45am on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, included a group dinner that night, and finished at 2:00pm on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. Senior industry executives took two days out of their busy schedules to participate. There were over twenty sessions. Along with Tiburon's Managing Partner Chip Roame, Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII included speakers Ken Fisher (CEO, Fisher Investments); Matt Ahern (Managing Principal, Knightsbridge Advisors); Jim Ashton (Partner, NewSpring Capital); Patrick Beaudan (CEO, Emotomy); Cat Berman (CEO, CNote); Alex Chalekian (CEO, Lake Avenue Financial); Jean-Marc Chapus (Managing Partner, Crescent Capital Group); Todd Crockett (Managing Director, TA Associates); Pam Cytron (CEO, Pendo Systems); Anthony DeChellis (CEO, Boston Private Financial Holdings); Jeff Dekko (CEO, Wealth Enhancement Group); Jim Dickson (CEO, Sanctuary Wealth Partners); Sonya Dreizler (CEO, Solutions with Sonya); Will Dolan (CEO, Financeware); Ken Dychtwald (CEO, Age Wave); Justin Ferri (Chairman, Buckingham Strategic Wealth); Praveen Ghanta (CEO, HiddenLevers); Mark Goldberg (CEO, Griffin Capital Securities); Tim Harrison (CEO, Harrison Financial Services); Neil Hennessy (Chairman, Hennessy Advisors); Kevin Keller (CEO, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board)); Jay Lipman (President, Ethic); Michael Martin (Managing Director, Warburg Pincus); David Mrazik (Managing Partner, Merchant Investment Management); Gerard O'Reilly (Co-CEO, Dimensional Fund Advisors); Bob Oros (CEO, HighTower); Ethan Penner (Managing Partner, Mosaic Real Estate Investors); Michael Pinsker (Chairman, Docupace Technologies); Alex Potts (Chairman, BAM Advisor Services); Larry Raffone (CEO, Edelman Financial Engines); Rachel Robasciotti (CEO, Robasciotti & Philipson); Andrew Rudd (CEO, Advisor Software); Karen Schaeffer (President, Schaeffer Financial); Marc Schechter (Senior Managing Partner, Schechter Wealth Management); Michelle Seitz (CEO, Russell Investments); Mike Sha (CEO, SigFig); Scott Stuart (Managing Partner, Sageview Capital); Chris Sugden (Managing Partner, Financial Technology, Edison Partners); Wes Thompson (CEO, M Financial Group); Don Trone (CEO, 3ethos); Don Truesdale (CEO, Ardea Partners); Enrique Vasquez (President, Avantax Wealth Management); Hussain Zaidi (President, Financial Planning Solution, Orion Advisor Tech); & others. Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII also featured the firm's traditional client-centric panel discussions and two networking-based social events.

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII Keynote Presentation Video

Chip Roame's Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII Keynote Presentation focused on The Top Six Wealth & Investment Management (and Related FinTech) Industry Trends & Strategic Activity. The full presentation can be viewed here:

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII: Attendee Videos

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII videos are short snipets by attendees regarding their experiences in attending the Tiburon CEO Summits.

Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII: Photographs

Tiburon engages the services of a professional photographer to record the events and capture the spirit of the Tiburon CEO Summits for the benefit of Tiburon members. All Tiburon CEO Summit sponsors, members, and journalists are welcome to view, download, and share these images across traditional and social media.

Please click here to view the photo gallery from Tiburon CEO Summit XXXVII.

Future Tiburon CEO Summits

Other upcoming Tiburon CEO Summit dates include:

  • Tiburon CEO Summit XLII: May 2-4, 2022 in Boston, MA
    • Speakers confirmed:
      • Cyrus Taraporevala (CEO, State Street Global Advisors)
  • Tiburon CEO Summit XLIII: November 1-3, 2022 in Dallas, TX