Tiburon Market Seminars

Tiburon is able to deliver detailed presentations and/or actively participate in detailed conversations on a wide range of products and markets within the banking, insurance, brokerage, and investment management markets without significant lead time. This ability is based upon both the depth of its existing written industry knowledge (over 3,000 topics and 2.0 million PowerPoint charts and graphs) and its broad CEO-level industry contacts. As a result, Tiburon Market Seminars have become ideal for clients which need a quick and yet thorough understanding of industry dynamics and leading players in growing markets. This is also an ideal low-cost method for new Tiburon clients to tap into the firm's years of industry experience and prior research efforts.

Tiburon Market Seminar Examples

The crux of engaging for a Tiburon Market Seminar is that an institutional client is engaging Tiburon for simply one day. That said, Tiburon market seminars come in many varieties, and can also be bundled as a Tiburon Insider or Tiburon Member on an annual or quarterly basis.

Corporate Strategy Reviews

Dozens of Tiburon institutional clients engage Tiburon on either an annual or semi-annual basis to review their business strategies. The crux of a Tiburon annual review is engaging the firm's managing partner to review the client's strategy and offer verbal recommendations based upon Tiburon research knowledge. Some Tiburon clients then develop their own strategies; others engage Tiburon for further research and strategy work. In any case, this is a great place to start; there is no reason to engage a consulting firm and wait months for them to catch up to one's existing knowledge!

Board, Executive Offsite, Senior Management Team, & Sales Meeting Presentations

Other Tiburon institutional clients engage Tiburon on either an annual or semi-annual basis to make industry presentations to its executives and/or board members. Often times, Tiburon CEO-level clients attending its Tiburon CEO Summits wish to have Tiburon's keynote presentation also delivered to broader groups of its executives. Tiburon executives have specifically been engaged by many firms to deliver presentations and lead brainstorming sessions with boards of directors, senior management teams, venture capital teams, & other groups. Tiburon Market Seminars are a great way to kick-off board meetings, management committee meetings, & sales meetings.

Tiburon Market Seminar Topics

Tiburon can conduct market seminars on hundreds of topics, can address topics from a variety of angles, and can also combine topics to make longer or broader seminars for clients interested in multiple markets or products. Currently popular market seminar topics are listed on the firm's research web page.

Tiburon Market Seminar Details & Fees

A typical Tiburon Market Seminar often lasts two-to-six hours (depending on the client's needs) and can include a 50-300+ page overview regarding the chosen markets.

Tiburon Market Seminars are billed at the day rate of Tiburon's Managing Partner. Fees are $20,000 for Tiburon Insiders & Tiburon Members, and $35,000 for non-Tiburon Members, plus travel expenses. Tiburon Market Seminars can also be bundled as a Tiburon Insider or Tiburon Member on a quarterly basis for a more regular update.

Travel Policy

Tiburon bills for travel expenses in addition to speaking fees but for no other office expenses. Tiburon's Managing Partner flies first class (business class when available on entire route) primarily from San Francisco, CA. Invoices are due within thirty days.

To learn more about related Tiburon services, see the sections titled Tiburon Research, & Conference Speeches.If you would like more details on any of the topics or would like to schedule a market seminar, please contact Sarah Sage at SSage@TiburonAdvisors.com or 415-789-2540.