Tiburon Written Research & Webinars - Hospitality Profiles Series

Tiburon's tenth research series is its hospitality profiles series. Over 240 profiles are offered in this series, including profiles of airlines, hotels & resorts, and restaurants, as well as tourist attractions. Tiburon's hospitality profiles series does not have a signature summary research topic, but rather each hospitality profile stands alone.

The content of this research is moderately similar to that of stock analysts reports but also focused on the firms' histories, organizational structures, & strategies rather than just their financial results and stock prices. Tiburon also profiles both public and private companies. These profiles may vary in depth & timeliness; Tiburon members will necessarily have more in-depth profiles than non-members.

Many Tiburon members periodically review their own firm profile (and they often find time to send in suggestions) and other Tiburon members review profiles of their key clients, vendors, & competitors. No information in these profiles is proprietary to any Tiburon member. Tiburon can present and discuss any of these profiles through its market seminars program by engaging a Tiburon partner for a day.

Hospitality Profiles Series Profiles