Natural Disasters:

Impacts of Recent Natural Disasters on the Financial Services Industry

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Date Published: August 22, 2023
Summary PowerPoint Deck: 57 Slides
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The purpose of this research is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of natural disasters (such as earthquakes, hurricanes, & tornadoes) and their impact on the financial services industry, various products & services, various markets & distribution channels, and specific financial services firms.

This research addresses the key historical phases of natural disasters, including:

  • Early Disaster Phase
  • Earthquakes Phase
  • Hurricanes Phase
This research addresses distinct market segments for natural disasters, including:

  • Hurricanes & Cyclones
  • Earthquakes
  • Tornados
  • Floods
  • Volcanic Eruptions
  • Wild Fires
  • Oil Spills
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Maritime Accidents
  • Other Natural Disasters
And this research makes several future predictions for natural disasters, including:

  • Increasing Number of Natural Disasters Due to Global Warming
  • Continuing Losses for Property & Casualty Insurance and Reinsurance Companies Due to Unexpected Natural Disasters
  • Narrowing Difference in Impact of Natural Disasters in Developing Countries Due to Improving Construction Rules
  • Future Growth Opportunity in Reinsurance

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