The Future of Wealth & Investment Management:
Defining the Winning Product, Channel, & Tactical Strategies

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Date Published: April 28, 2023
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The purpose of this research is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the future of wealth & investment management. The core of the research starts by addressing the key driving factors of the economy & markets, natural disasters, world affairs, financial services industry stumbles, consumer & institutional wealth, and the legislative & regulatory environment. The research then outlines the key types of financial products & services, including core services, managed funds products, and other produts & services, with a focus on three key growth areas - exchange traded funds (ETFs) & indexing, payments, and wealth management services. The research continues with an overview of the three core markets & distribution channels, including financial advisor channels, institutional markets, & international markets, with a focus on the likely winning markets & distribution channels (namely discount & online brokerage firms, fee-based financial advisors (RIAs), & emerging markets). The research also addresses wealth & investment management winning tactics, including developing marketing & lead generation strategies, leveraging technology & outsourcing, developing appropriate staffing & compensation models, and developing winning firm cultures. And the research concludes by defining the most exciting financial services industry investment opportunities, including those in venture capital, public securities, & private equity.

The research begins by addressing some broadly debated issues, including wealth & investment management firms' role in the economy; the oligopoly trend; government backstops & the too-big-to-fail debate; governance issues including built in conflicts & moral hazard; the growing shadow banking system; and increasing cross-border issues such as Asian & other state controlled financial institutions gain global market share and have varying regulations.

This research addresses the distinct historical phases of the wealth & investment management industry, including:
  • Emergence Phase
  • Financial Product Development Phase
  • Markets & Distribution Channels Development Phase
  • Maturization Phase
This research outlines the state of the wealth & investment management industry, including:
  • Key Driving Factors
  • Wealth & Investment Management Products & Services
  • Wealth & Investment Management Markets & Distribution Channels
  • Wealth & Investment Management Winning Tactics
  • Wealth & Investment Management Investment Opportunities
And this research makes several future predictions for the wealth & investment management industry, including:
  • Substantial Growth in the Wealth & Investment Management Industry
  • Continued Growth in Shadow Banks
  • End of Trend Toward Universal Banks
  • Transformation of Role of Banks in New Financial Intermediary Model Centered on Securitization
  • Importance of Interest Rates to Both Savers & Financial Services Firms
  • Increasing Regulations But Unsuccessful Movement to Break Up the Largest Financial Institutions
  • Continued Focus on Retirement Income & More Risk Adverse Consumers
  • Emergence & Importance of Women & Gen X Consumers
  • Emergence of Unbanked Consumers in Emerging Markets
  • Digitization of Delivery & Maturization of the Role of Financial Advisors
  • Emergence of Institutionalized Sales & Marketing, Technology & Outsourcing, and Staffing & Compensation Tactics
  • Recovering Financial Services Industry Public & Private Investing Opportunities
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