Consumer Wealth:
Consumers, their Money, Generational Segments, Wealth Segments, Geographical Segments, & Target Markets

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Date Published: March 1, 2023
Summary PowerPoint Deck: 305 Slides
Reference PowerPoint Deck: 628 Slides

The purpose of this research is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of consumers & consumer households, the vast amount of consumer wealth, the perceived baby boomer retirement crisis & other generational situations, wealth segments, geographical segments, and consumer target markets. This research is part of Tiburon's coverage of key driving factors.

This research starts with the historical account of the evolution of consumer wealth, including these key phases:
  • Emergence Phase
  • Rapid Growth Phase
  • Re-Set Phase
  • Diversifying America Phase
This research outlines the numbers of consumers & consumer households and highlights consumer wealth facts & figures based on the key data from the Federal Reserve's quarterly flow-of-funds report, including:
  • Investable Assets
  • Financial Assets
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Net Worth
This research addresses the consumer generational segments, including:
  • Silent Generation
  • Baby Boomers
  • Generation X
  • Millennials (Generation Y)
  • Generation Z
  • Generation A
The research also addresses the consumer wealth segments, including:
  • Ultra High Net Worth
  • High Net Worth
  • Mass Affluent
  • Mass Market
The research also addresses the consumer wealth geographical segments, including:
  • Northeast
  • South
  • Midwest
  • West
The research also addresses consumer wealth target markets, including those based upon:
  • Gender
  • Race & Ethnic Group
  • Family Status
  • Occupation
  • Other Factors
The research concludes with several future predictions for consumer wealth, including:
  • Limited Growth in the Numbers of Consumers & Consumer Households Driven by Immigrants
  • Moderate Growth in Consumer Wealth Driven by Increasing Markets & Home Values
  • Baby Boomers to Liquidate a Portion of $96.6 Trillion Assets in Retirement, Generation X to Generate the Largest Increase of Investable Assets, & Millennials to Continue to be Leading Influencers
  • Mass Affluent to Provide Largest Opportunity
  • Consumer Wealth Shifting South & West
  • Women & Ethnic Minorities to Provide Largest Opportunity

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