Consumer Wealth Target Markets:

Focusing One's Strategies on Target Markets with Unique &/or Consistent Needs

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Date Published: August 30, 2023
Summary PowerPoint Deck: 194 Slides
Reference PowerPoint Deck: 716 Slides

The purpose of this research is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the wide range of potential consumer wealth target markets, including those based on gender, race & ethnic group, family status, occupation, and other factors. This research is part of Tiburon's broader coverage of consumer wealth.

This research starts with a context setting chapter which outlines the economics of target marketing strategies, prevelance of use, & case examples.

This research addresses the key historical phases of consumer wealth target markets, including:

  • Early Phase
  • Middle Phase
  • Recent Phase
This research defines the key distinct target markets, including:

  • Gender
  • Race & Ethnic Group
  • Family Status
  • Occupation
  • Other Factors
And this research makes several future predictions for consumer wealth target markets, including:

  • Increased Competition to Create Need for More Proactive Marketing Approaches for New Clients
  • Financial Advisors to Focus on Women's Unique Needs as Clients
  • African Americans & Latin Americans to Emerge as Rapidly Growing Markets
  • Same Sex Couples (and Other Non-Traditional Family Units) to Gain Attention
  • Numerous Occupational & Other Segments to Also Provide Terrific Opportunities

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