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Date Published: June 13, 2024
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Focus Financial Partners was founded by Rudy Adolf, Lenny Chang, & Rajini Kodialam in 2006 and is based in New York, NY. The company operates in four countries, 35 states, has 85 partner firms, 210 offices, 5,000 employees, 18,000 clients, $360 billion assets under management, $2.1 billion revenues, $1.8 billion operating expenses, $178.4 million pre-tax income, & $125.3 million net profits. Focus Financial Partners is led by its Executive Chairman Dan Glaser, CEO Michael Nathanson, & Chief Operating Officer David Lang. Focus Financial Partners is privately owned. Its web sites can be found at,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Focus Financial Partners' comprehensive PowerPoint deck below includes a synopsis of its history, including its key phases:

  • Establishment & Early Acquisitions Phase
  • Restructuring Phase
  • Public & Maturization Phase
  • Private Company Phase
Its profile includes the key statistics of the firm, including its number of countries, states, partner firms, offices, employees, clients, assets under management, revenues, operating expenses, pre-tax income, & net profits.

Its profile includes detailed outlines of its core businesses, including:

  • Alley Company
  • Altman, Greenfield, & Selvaggi
  • Ancora Holdings
  • ARS Wealth Advisors
  • Asset Advisors
  • Azimuth Capital Management
  • Badgley Phelps Wealth Managers
  • Bartlett Wealth Management
  • Beaumont Financial Partners
  • Benefit Financial Services Group
  • Bordeaux Wealth Advisors
  • Brownlie & Braden
  • Buckingham Wealth Partners
  • Campbell Deegan Financial
  • Cardinal Point
  • Cassaday & Company
  • CFO4Life
  • Coastal Bridge Advisors
  • Connectus Wealth Advisers
  • CornerStone Partners
  • Cornerstone Wealth Group
  • Crestwood Advisors
  • Dorchester Wealth Management
  • Douglas Lane & Associates
  • Edge Capital Group
  • Escala Partners
  • Eton Advisors
  • Fairway Wealth Management
  • FFO
  • Fortem Financial
  • Fort Pitt Capital Group
  • Foster, Dykema, Cabot, & Company
  • FourThought Financial
  • Gelfand, Rennert, & Feldman
  • Gratus Capital
  • Greystone Financial Services
  • GW & Wade
  • GYL Financial Synergies
  • Hill Investment Group
  • HoyleCohen
  • Icon Wealth Partners
  • IFAM Capital
  • InterOcean Capital
  • JFS Wealth Advisors
  • Joel Isaacson & Company
  • Kavar Capital Partners
  • Kovitz Investment Group
  • LaFleur & Godfrey Private Wealth Management
  • Lake Street Advisors
  • LVW Advisors
  • MEDIQ Financial Services
  • Merriman
  • Mosaic Family Wealth
  • Nexus Investment Management
  • Octogone Holding
  • One Charles Private Wealth
  • Patton, Albertson, & Miller
  • Pettinga Financial Advisors
  • Prairie Capital Management
  • Prime Quadrant
  • Provident Financial Management
  • Quadrant Private Wealth
  • Relative Value Partners
  • Rollins Financial Advisors
  • Sapient Private Wealth Management
  • SCS Financial
  • Seasons of Advice Wealth Management
  • Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group
  • Sonora Investment Management
  • Sound View Wealth Advisors
  • Spectrum Wealth Management
  • StrategicPoint Investment Advisors
  • Strategic Wealth Partners
  • Summit Financial
  • Telemus
  • The Colony Group
  • The Fiduciary Group
  • The Portfolio Strategy Group
  • TMD Wealth Management
  • Transform Wealth
  • TrinityPoint Wealth
  • Ullmann Wealth Partners
  • Vestor Capital
  • Vista Wealth Management
  • Waddell & Associates
  • Williams Jones Wealth Management
  • XML Financial Group

And its profile concludes with the highlights of its organizational structure & ownership.

Tiburon's Managing Partner is a member of Focus Financial Partners' Buckingham Wealth Partners' SA Funds board of directors.

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