DST Systems:
A Global Provider of Technology-Based Information Processing & Servicing Solutions

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Date Published: February 11, 2016
Summary Power Point Deck: 32 Slides
Reference Power Point Deck: 164 Slides

DST Systems was founded by Kansas City Southern Industries in 1969 and is based in Kansas City, MO. The firm operates in 55 countries, has 20,525 employees, 700 institutional clients, generates $2.7 billion revenues, $707 million out of pocket reimbursements, $2.0 billion operating revenues (excluding out of pockets), $2.4 billion costs & expenses, $131 million depreciation & amortization (including goodwill impairment), $309 million income from operations, $27 million interest expenses, $792 million income before income taxes & non-controlling interest, $593 million net profits attributable to DST Systems, and earns $241 million. The company is traded on the NYSE under the symbol DST and is led by its CEO Steve Hooley. DST Systems' web sites can be found at www.dstsystems.com, www.dstoutput.com, www.alpsinc.com, www.alpsfunds.com, www.all-starfunds.com, www.bostonfinancial.com, www.bfds.com, & www.dsthealthsolutions.com.

DST Systems' comprehensive Power Point deck below includes a synopsis of its history, including its key phases:

  • Kansas City Southern Phase
  • Middle Phase
  • Recent Phase

Its profile includes the key statistics of the firm, including its number of countries, offices, employees, revenues, operating revenues (excluding out of pockets), income from operations, other income (net), & net profits.

Its profile includes detailed outlines of its core businesses, including:

  • Financial Services
    • Mutual Fund Transfer Agency
    • ALPS Holdings
    • Boston Financial Data Services (Joint Venture)
    • International Financial Data Services (Joint Venture)
    • Retirement Solutions
  • Healthcare Services
    • Health Solutions
    • Argus Health Services
  • Customer Communications
    • DST Realty
    • McRealty
And its profile concludes with the highlights of its organizational structure & ownership.

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