Contacting Tiburon

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Tiburon, CA

Tiburon maintains the culture of a small entrepreneurial firm. Emails and voicemails are quickly circulated to the appropriate person. For nearly any issue, please contact Tiburon's office manager Sarah Sage and she will direct your inquiry to the appropriate person to help. Sarah can be reached at SSage@TiburonAdvisors.Com or 415-789-2540.

Visiting Tiburon

Tiburon is based in, and named after, the town of Tiburon, California, a bay side community just outside of San Francisco. Since Tiburon principals travel frequently, the firm chose to locate the office here, as opposed to being in a downtown office building. The firm's office is located at:

1735 Tiburon Boulevard
Tiburon, CA 94920
Telephone: 415-789-2540

Directions to Tiburon

Tiburon Strategic Advisors' headquarters in Tiburon, CA

Directions to Tiburon: If you chose to drive to Tiburon, cross the Golden Gate Bridge and follow highway 101 to the Tiburon Boulevard exit (eight miles). Turn right and follow Tiburon Boulevard into the town of Tiburon (about six miles from the highway). At the Main Street stop sign and round-about (the ferry dock and Bay are on your right), the Tiburon office will be directly on your left side. For parking, go three-quarters of the way around the round-about and you will come to a public parking lot. Park here. Take the footbridge over the lagoon to Tiburon Strategic Advisors, which faces Tiburon Boulevard.

Blue & Gold Ferry
The ferry is also a often more efficient and quicker way to get to Tiburon from San Francisco. During commuter hours, the ferry runs to the business district (the former mode of commuting for Tiburon's managing principal Chip Roame). During off hours, it runs to Fisherman's Wharf. It takes just 15 minutes to cross. The ferry serves coffee in the morning and cocktails in the evening - a truly wonderful way to commute. For details contact the Blue & Gold Fleet at 415-705-5555 or www.BlueandGoldFleet.Com.

Tiburon Office Environment

View from the Tiburon office

Tiburon's culture is an unusual combination of fast-paced and highly professional, yet casual and laid-back. Tiburon focuses on, and reward its employees 100% on the quality of the client work which they produce. Beyond this, the firm thinks that its work displays its level of professionalism and its office environment presents its casual atmosphere. Tiburon welcomes you to visit the firm's offices.

Staying & Eating in Tiburon

Tiburon has several terrific restaurants with views of the San Francisco Bay spanning the financial district, the ferry building, Fisherman's Wharf, and the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, as well as views of Mount Tamalpais.

Tiburon's Main Street offers world-class restaurants, a terrific hotel named the Water's Edge, a wine tasting room from Windsor Vineyards, a variety of boutique shops, and an old fashioned movie theater. If you have some free time while in the Bay Area or on your way to visit Tiburon, here are some of the key spots:

The Water's Edge opened in 2000. It is located on the water facing San Francisco and has a modern feel. Reportedly, the beds and bathrooms are the best part. Many Tiburon clients stay at the Water's Edge when they are in town for Tiburon's CEO Summits. Another good option is the Tiburon Lodge.

If you want a nice dinner with a great view of San Francisco, Servino's may be your choice. Formerly a small Italian bistro, this two story restaurant features pasta and seafood. You'll think you are in a trendy city restaurant. Introduce yourself to the owner Angelo or the manager Bernard and ask to be seated in the sections of Ezio or Anita.

If you have a sweet tooth or need Starbuck's coffee, visit Bistro 35. This place also serves casual lunch and has some limited outdoor seating. Watch for the pigeons though; they will happily join your table. Another good option for coffee is Cafe Acri (owned by the same folks as Servino's).

If you need that omelet, BLT, or generally just some counter conversation, stop by Mike & Dave's. Conversation usually involves the Giants, As, 49ers, Raiders, Sharks, Warriors, & other local sports teams. Talk to the owners; you can't miss them - one is usually serving and the other cooking. Another good option for a quick lunch is the Dynasty for Chinese food.

Sam's is a hamburger and fish & chips place with lots of outdoor seating overlooking the bay. It is one of the oldest restaurants in the area and brings back memories for many. The crab cakes are the signature dish. Getting a table on a sunny weekend day can be a two hour wait!

Windsor Vineyards store presents a unique opportunity if you won't be able to get up to the wine country (30 minutes north of Tiburon). Windsor Vineyards (a Sonoma vineyard) has a tasting room in Tiburon. Stop by for a few tastes and take note of the opportunity to order custom labels for your wines.

So, please do visit. Tiburon executives will always try to make time for its clients and friends who come to Tiburon. Click here to return back to the About Tiburon page.