Tiburon Partners & Principals

The Tiburon consulting team brings a balance of written industry knowledge, consulting skills, research aptitude, & industry experience to all client projects. The firm's staff is led by its managing partner and other partners & principals.

Managing Partner
Tiburon's Managing Partner Charles ("Chip") Roame learned and developed the firm's consulting methodologies while employed at leading management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, adapted them to specifically serve the financial services marketplace, and then most recently before forming Tiburon, applied them as a business strategist at The Charles Schwab Corporation. Since 1998, Chip has had responsibility for all of Tiburon's consulting, research, & marketing activities.

Other Partners & Principals
Tiburon is now actively seeking to add additional partners & principals who can build complimentary businesses within the firm's existing business, leveraging the extensive research, client relationships, marketing processes, & infrastructure that Tiburon has built over the past thirteen years. As Tiburon's managing partner focuses more on running the firm and driving its research agenda, Tiburon expects these other partners & principals to lead most client engagements. Tiburon is in the early stages of this search; interested candidates should review the Tiburon Careers page on this web site for more information.

Tiburon Consulting Staff

Tiburon's consulting staff is critical to its success. The firm is structured to include, managers, associates, & assistants. Research managers conduct the majority of the research (e.g., web site reviews, news searches, financial advisor interviews, etc.) that underlies both Tiburon client documents and research reports. Research associates have direct responsibility for writing & publishing Tiburon research reports. Research & marketing assistants are manage critical underlying functions.

Tiburon's Managing Principal, Consulting Staff, & Executive Program Members pose for a group picture at Tiburon CEO Summit VIII in San Francisco, CA