Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting is the foundation of what Tiburon delivers its clients. The firm believes that is has developed superior consulting processes specifically to help financial institutions develop leading-edge business strategies. As a result, the firm has been engaged to lead a wide variety of strategic projects for a broad spectrum of product and service providers in the financial services industry.

Tiburon's core capabilities are building on a firm's strengths, assessing its opportunities, and recommending and designing specific product & market strategies. Tiburon has designed such strategies for banks, brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, insurance companies, money managers, investment managers, financial advisors, & service providers to these firms. Tiburon has developed corporate-wide strategies as well as individual product and market strategies. For example, the firm recently evaluated a range of new business opportunities for both a large mutual fund company and an independent trust company. The firm's strategy consulting process is based on Tiburon's existing in-depth market knowledge and extensive customized research conducted on behalf of its clients.

Typical Strategy Consulting Projects

Strategy consulting projects can take many forms. Some popular examples include:

  • Strategy Reviews
  • Product & Market Distribution Analyses
  • Merger & Acquisition Growth Strategies
  • Merger Integration
  • International Expansion Strategies
  • Management Team Assessments

Tiburon Strategy Consulting Project Details & Fees

Strategy consulting projects at Tiburon are complicated methodical research-based processes that often take two-to-three months to complete. However, Tiburon prefers to work closely with the senior executives of its clients and typically schedules review meetings with the team every two-to-three weeks during the process. The costs depend on the breadth of the businesses addressed. Typical assignments start at $250,000. Tiburon bills for travel expenses in addition to project fees but for no other office expenses. Tiburon's principals & their companions fly first class (business class when available on entire route) and its research managers fly coach class primarily from San Francisco, CA. Tiburon strategy consulting projects are invoiced half at the mid-point and half upon completion and invoices are due within thirty days.

To read about related Tiburon services, please visit the Venture Consulting and Mergers & Acquisitions pages. Strategy consulting projects can be discussed with any Tiburon Principal. If you would like more details or would like to schedule a call with a Tiburon Principal, please contact Sarah Sage at or 415-789-2540.

Tiburon's Managing Partner Chip Roame (center) and research managers