Retainers, Board Roles, & Executive Counseling

As a boutique with a well-defined industry focus, Tiburon is able to structure a whole variety of relationships to satisfy many client needs.

Retainer Relationships

Tiburon has been asked to structure many retainer relationships with clients. For instance, one CEO of a large independent broker/dealer has engaged Tiburon on a research retainer whereby the firm tackles new industry research projects every two months to help keep the client on the leading-edge. In another case, one large mutual fund company has Tiburon executives on a speaking retainer whereby the firm's executives speak at numerous executive and financial advisor conferences each year. Dozens of other Tiburon clients subscribe to the firm's research report retainer program, some bundled with telephone consulting assistance and/or quarterly market seminars. Still others have made agreements to redistribute Tiburon's research as a value-added service to their financial advisors. Common retainer models have included:

  • Research Retainers
  • Conference Speaking Retainers
  • Research Report Retainers
  • Database Access Program
  • Executive Counseling Retainers

Board Roles

Tiburon executives have also joined dozens of boards of both private and public companies as well as of mutual funds. The firm finds board roles to be a productive way to contribute to the continual development of its clients' strategies.

Executive Counseling

Executive counseling assignments are often taken on by Tiburon's principals. With decades of experience and access to all of Tiburon's research, Tiburon's principals can deliver great value to industry executives through once a month or more frequent meetings to brainstorm solutions to industry issues.

Tiburon's consulting staff assist Tiburon clients through retainer relationships, board roles, & executive counseling services

Tiburon Retainers, Board Roles, & Executive Counseling Project Details & Fees

Retainers, board roles, & executive counseling projects at Tiburon are custom designed for clients and many have continued for years. Retainers, board roles, & executive counseling are generally billed on a monthly or quarterly basis. Tiburon bills for travel expenses in addition to project fees but for no other office expenses. Tiburon's principals & their companions fly first class (business class when available on entire route) and its research managers fly coach class primarily from San Francisco, CA. Tiburon.  Invoices are due within thirty days.

To read about related Tiburon services, please visit the Venture Consulting, & Mergers & Acquisitions pages. Retainers, board roles, & executive counseling projects can be discussed with any Tiburon Principal. If you would like more details or would like to schedule a call with a Tiburon Principal, please contact Sarah Sage at or 415-789-2540.