Tiburon Combination Plans

Tiburon is pleased to offer its Tiburon CEO Summit Sponsors and Tiburon Members with a package of services which combines both its annual Sponsorship/Membership fees with its Tiburon Market Seminars, which are offered on an annual or quarterly basis.

Tiburon Combination Plan Details & Fees

As is explained in more detail on the Tiburon Market Seminars page, the range of services offered varies depending on the needs of an individual member firm. Tiburon may be engaged for a corporate strategy review or to make industry presentations to the firm's senior executives or board members along a broad range of topics.

Each Tiburon Market Seminar lasts two-to-six hours (depending on the member's needs) and can include a 50-300+ page overview regarding the chosen markets.

Tiburon Combination Plans are billed depending on the desired frequency of engagement with Tiburon's Managing Partner. Annual plans include one Tiburon Market Seminar, while the quarterly plan is designed for those members who wish to receive a Tiburon Market Seminar four times per calendar year. Fees are outlined below, and include the cost associated with Tiburon CEO Summit Sponsorship or Tiburon Membership, and are in addition to travel expenses.

Tiburon CEO Summit Sponsor Tiburon Member
Annual Combination Plan $55,000 $45,000
Quarterly Combination Plan $110,000 $100,000

Travel Policy

Tiburon bills for travel expenses in addition to speaking fees but for no other office expenses. Tiburon's Managing Partner flies first class (business class when available on entire route) primarily from San Francisco, CA. Invoices are due within thirty days.

To learn more about related Tiburon services, see the sections titled Tiburon Research, & Conference Speeches.If you would like more details on any of the topics or would like to schedule a market seminar, please contact Sarah Sage at SSage@TiburonAdvisors.com or 415-789-2540.