Tiburon Client Services

Tiburon offers market seminars, conference speeches, & other related services within the brokerage, investment management, wealth management, banking, & insurance marketplace. Click the boxes in the chart below for explanations of Tiburon's most popular client services:

Tiburon Strategic Advisors has been engaged to conduct a wide variety of research and consulting assignments. At the same time, Tiburon's clients determine the issues and topics that the firm researches which keeps Tiburon on top of the industry's most prevalent trends, issues, & new developments.

Tiburon clients discuss issues impacting their businesses in a breakout session at Tiburon CEO Summit VI

Tiburon's Core Services

In addition to Tiburon's research report series and conference speeches, the firm's core services also include market seminars:

Market Seminars

Tiburon delivers semi-customized industry overview presentations covering a wide variety of market and product segments within the brokerage & investment management marketplace. Market seminars are ideal for clients who need a quick and yet in-depth understanding of the overall brokerage & investment management markets or any particular segment(s) of these markets. Specifically, Tiburon executives have been engaged by many firms to deliver presentations and lead brainstorming sessions with boards of directors, senior management teams, venture capital teams, & entrepreneurial groups. This is a great way to kick-off management committee or board meetings. Some clients then develop their own strategies; others engage Tiburon for further research and strategy work. These sessions also provide substantial data and analysis for developing business plans. Click here for more information on Tiburon's market seminars.

Other Tiburon Services

As a natural outgrowth of Tiburon's core services and research-based approach, Tiburon has been able to help clients in areas such as venture consulting and mergers & acquisitions advice, and to establish business relationships that allow Tiburon to play an on-going role in its clients' businesses such as retainers, board roles, & executive counseling:

Venture Consulting

Tiburon's venture consulting expertise is an outgrowth of its consulting experience and executive level industry contacts. Its consulting experience allows it to help start-up firms target the right markets, develop the right products, & utilize the right pricing strategies. At the same time, many of Tiburon's contacts are strategic investors and appreciate being introduced to investment opportunities. Tiburon is focused on venture consulting opportunities where it can add value to strategies and where strategic capital is sought. There are other firms better equipped to raise straight venture capital. Click here for more information on Tiburon's venture consulting services.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advice

Tiburon's capabilities in mergers & acquisitions advice are an outgrowth of its industry knowledge and consulting experience. Tiburon can help in two ways. First, Tiburon can help develop merger & acquisition strategies, again by analyzing a firm's capabilities, position in the market, & its potential opportunities. Second, Tiburon can conduct buyer and/or seller research, profiling likely candidates. Tiburon's expertise is not in due diligence and negotiations or traditional investment banking. Click here for more information on Tiburon's merger & acquisitions advice services.

Retainers, Board Roles, & Executive Counseling

Finally, beyond its research and strategy assignments, many Tiburon clients have sought Tiburon to play ongoing roles in their businesses. Tiburon has agreed to a wide variety of retainers, board roles, & executive counseling roles. Tiburon has established retainer relationships for the firm's research reports, and others in which it leads quarterly meetings. Click here for more information on Tiburon's retainers, board roles, & executive counseling services.

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