Financial Services Industry SEC Filings:
Properly Establishing a Financial Services Industry Business

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Date Published: February 29, 2016
Summary Power Point Deck: 21 Slides
Reference Power Point Deck: 29 Slides

The purpose of this research is to provide readers with an initial understanding of financial services industry SEC filings, including states of incorporation, articles of incorporation, corporate by laws, stock & bond exchange listings, corporate taxes, financial statements, SEC filings, and shareholders meetings & proxy firm relations. Each of these topics has a dedicated Tiburon research page and this page serves to summarize the highlight of these topics. Other Tiburon research topics address Financial Services Industry Benchmarking and Financial Services Industry Succession Planning & Research.

This research begins with a review of the evolution of financial services industry SEC filings, including their market history across these phases:

  • Early Phase
  • Haphazard Phase
  • Formalization Phase

This research incorporates highlights from Tiburon's underlying research topics, including:

  • Financial Services Industry States of Incorporation
  • Financial Services Industry Articles of Incorporation
  • Financial Services Industry Corporate By Laws
  • Financial Services Industry Stock & Bond Exchange Listings
  • Financial Services Industry Corporate Taxes
  • Financial Services Industry Financial Statements
  • Financial Services Industry Financial Statements
  • Financial Services Industry SEC Filings
  • Financial Services Industry Shareholders Meetings & Proxy Firm Relations

This research supports several conclusions, including:

    • Increasingly Complex Articles of Incorporation & By Laws
    • Increasingly Complicated Corporate Taxes
    • Increasing Importance of Proxy Firm Relationships

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