Investment Management Firm Acquirers:
Consolidation of the Banking, Brokerage, Insurance, & Investment Management Industries

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Date Published: August 24, 2017
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The purpose of this research is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the rapid consolidation taking place in the investment management market. Glass Steagall fell in 1999 and the financial services industry picked up its mergers & acquisitions trend. More recently, capital adequacy, TARP repayments, & low interest rates have forced divestitures. And investment management firms have acquired one another. This research is part of Tiburon's broader coverage of financial services industry mergers & acquisition.

This research addresses the historical phases of financial services industry investment management firm acquirers, including: 
  • Regulation Phase
  • Acquisitions Phase
  • Glass Steagall Repeal Phase
  • Industry Restructuring Phase

    This research defines distinct markets segments including:

    • --
    • --

And this research makes several future predictions for financial services industry investment management firm acquirers, including: 

  • Potential Blockbuster Deals, Multiples Analysis, & Deciding Factors in Successful Acquisitions
  • Prediction #2

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