Financial Advisor Benchmarking:
Learning Best Practices through Benchmarking

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Date Published: October 17, 2013
Summary Power Point Deck: 62 Slides
Reference Power Point Deck: 883 Slides

The purpose of this research is to provide readers with an initial understanding of financial advisor benchmarking data and the resulting best practices that such data suggests across a wide variety of traditionally defined financial advisor markets & distribution channels. Dozens of studies exist regarding financial advisor benchmarking data (including Tiburon's own financial advisor benchmarking tools). This research analyzes and compares dozens of existing benchmarking studies, addressing data ranging from marketing strategies to technology use to profit margins. This research also evaluates advice given by coaches in comparison to factual data from leading financial advisors.

This research begins with a review of the evolution of financial advisor benchmarking, including its market history, market definition, market growth, & the leading financial advisors.

This research addresses thirteen financial advisor segments, and incorporates highlights from Tiburon's underlying research topics of each, including:

  • Broker Benchmarking
  • Bank Broker Benchmarking
  • Private Banker Benchmarking
  • Independent Rep Benchmarking
  • Fee-Based Financial Advisor Benchmarking
  • Life Insurance Agent Benchmarking
  • Third-Party Administrator Benchmarking
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Agent Benchmarking
  • Real Estate Agent Benchmarking
  • Mortgage Broker Benchmarking
  • Tax Professional Benchmarking
  • Trust & Estate Attorney Benchmarking
  • Family Office Benchmarking

This research supports four conclusions:

    • Brokers Most Productive
    • Fee-Based Financial Advisors Growing the Fastest
    • Fee-Based Financial Advisors & Independent Reps Best Positioned for Success
    • Five Best Practices Define Leading Financial Advisor Firms
      • Determine Clear Target Market
      • Product & Service Offers to Support Chosen Target Markets
      • Develop Appropriate Marketing Methodologies
      • Build Necessary People & Support Infrastructure
      • Define Business Goals & Develop Written Business Plans

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