Commingled Trust Funds:
Cost Competitive Investment Products for the Retirement Plans Market

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Date Published: March 2013
Comprehensive PPT Deck: 86 Slides
Summary PPT Deck: 50 Slides

The purpose of this research is to provide readers with an initial understanding of the commingled trust funds (or common trust funds, or collective investment trusts) market, a product utilized in some defined benefit and defined contribution plans, including The Thrift Savings Plan of all US Civil Service employees. The research addresses the market's history and growth, as well as trends in product development, pricing parameters, and distribution channels.

This research explains the history of commingled trust funds in three phases:
  • Defined Benefit Plans Phase
  • Defined Contribution Plans Phase
  • Recent Phase

    This research addresses eight markets segments:

    • Stable Value Funds (Money Market Funds)
    • US Equities
    • International Equities
    • Fixed Income
    • Alternative Investments
    • Target Date Funds
    • Retirement Income Products
    • Custom Managed Products

    This research addresses three core markets & distribution channels:

    • US Civil Service Thrift Savings Plan
    • Other Defined Benefit Plans
    • Defined Contribution Plans

And the research concludes with five predictions for the commingled trust funds industry, including: 

  • Moderate Industry Growth
  • Gaining Market Share
  • Investment Style Shifts
  • Evolving Markets & Distribution Channels
  • Tightening Regulatory Environment

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