Account Aggregation & Financial Planning:
The Most Valuable Financial Service

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Date Published: February 12, 2015
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The purpose of this research is to provide readers with an understanding of the value and the components of account aggregation & financial planning services, which may be the most valuable financial service to consumers, especially to baby boomers who are nearing retirement. As baby boomers approach retirement, a comprehensive understanding of their portfolios become more important. Both account aggregation & financial planning will become more critical. This research summarizes the leading-edge strategies. Another Tiburon research topic addresses the unique estate planning services market. And other Tiburon research topics address the products that often underly these services, inlcuding insurance products, tax preparation, & various college savings vehicles. Yet other Tiburon research topics address the technology that is often deployed by financial advisors to address these services, including account aggregation & financial planning technology.

This research addresses the historical phases of account aggregation & financial planning services, including: 
  • Financial Planning Emergence Phase
  • Financial Planning Formalization & Account Aggregation Emergence Phase
  • Account Aggregation & Financial Planning Maturation Phase

    This research defines nine distinct account aggregation & financial planning services, including:

    • Account Aggregation
    • Insurance Planning
    • Tax Planning
    • Marriage (Divorce) Planning
    • College Planning
    • Corporate Executive Services
    • Small Business Owner Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Social Security & Medicare Planning

And this research makes the following future predictions for account aggregation & financial planning services, including: 

  • Account Aggregation to Grow in Popularity
  • Financial Planning Applets to Grow in Popularity & Stand Alone Financial Planning Offers to Return
  • Corporate Executive Services to Regain Popularity
  • Marriage (Divorce) Planning to Become More Common
  • Social Security & Medicare Planning to Become More Critical

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