Executive Programs

In addition to its Managing Principal, Other Principals, & full-time Consulting Staff, Tiburon also has established three executive programs called CEOs-in-Residence, FA Roundtable, & Consulting Fellows to add additional executive-level input on its research and consulting projects for its executive-level clients:

  • Tiburon's CEOs-in-Residence are former CEOs of financial services companies; many of them are retired Tiburon clients. These executives are extremely helpful in bringing additional senior level insights to Tiburon clients and introducing new clients to Tiburon
  • Tiburon's Financial Advisor Roundtable is made up of practicing financial advisors who have strategic views of the industry and seek to add value to Tiburon's clients. These financial advisors are particularly useful in distribution projects for mutual fund and other product companies
  • Tiburon's Consulting Fellows are other industry consultants who have a particular expertise that can be helpful to Tiburon clients. Tiburon has worked extensively with all of its fellows and can involve them in any Tiburon project; many can play critical roles in the implementation phases of Tiburon's strategic consulting projects

Tiburon Executive Program members gather for a group picture at
Tiburon CEO Summit VIII in San Francisco, CA

Tiburon Executive Program Objectives

The objectives of Tiburon's executive programs are multi-faceted:

  • To assist Tiburon clients with skills and capabilities that are needed but not present within Tiburon
  • To spread Tiburon's industry research through a wide network and, as a result, initiate new client projects
  • To allow Tiburon's principals to work with their friends who are executives, financial advisors, and consultants throughout the industry

Tiburon Executive Program Meetings

Members in Tiburon's executive programs meet semi-annually prior to the Tiburon CEO Summits to discuss business models and challenge each other in building better businesses.

Tiburon Consulting Fellow Julie Allecta presents her views on trends in the mutual funds regulatory environment at Tiburon CEO Summit VI in San Francisco, CA

Tiburon Executive Program Members Commitment

Tiburon’s executive programs are intended to be a win-win for Tiburon, its clients, and its colleagues with complementary skills. The overarching objective of the programs is to work collectively with other executives, financial advisors, and consulting firms to deliver better advice.

Joining the Tiburon Executive Programs

Membership in the Tiburon executive programs is extended to individuals well known to Tiburon's principals and the other program members. Interested executives should contact a Tiburon principal or any existing executive program member.

Contacting Tiburon Executive Program Members

All of the members of Tiburon's executive programs can be accessed directly or through Tiburon. Feel free to review any of their profiles in their respective sections.