--- APRIL 27, 2007 ---


On the heels of its CEO Summit XII, Tiburon announces that it is now taking orders for 2007 Research Report Retainers, which allow Tiburon clients unlimited access to all Tiburon research reports published in a calendar year, which help them to stay up-to-date on industry trends in-between CEO Summits. This may be a great opportunity to follow Tiburon research closely and significantly add to your firm's research library


Tiburon Research Report Retainer

Tiburon Strategic Advisors, a market research & strategy consulting firm serving a wide variety of financial institutions and investment managers, primarily provides market research & strategy consulting services. The firm has also attempted to assist its clients in understanding various markets by publishing a series of twenty-six (thus far) ~300-400 page comprehensive research reports ($5,000 per report).

Please click the image above to visit Tiburon's web site to see the table of contents for each of Tiburon's 26 currently published research reports

At the suggestion of numerous Tiburon clients, Tiburon recently created a new client service allowing unlimited access to all of its research reports published in a calendar year (delivered online) for only $25,000. This service has helped numerous Tiburon clients, including Albridge Solutions, Ever Bank Financial, Fidelity Investments, Groupe Caisse D'Epargne, Morgan Stanley, Morningstar, SEI Investments, Societe Generale, State Street Corporation, The Charles Schwab Corporation; The McGraw Hill Companies, UBS, and Wells Capital consolidate their research needs and budgets.

To subscribe to Tiburon Research Report Retainer Program, please contact Brian Cotter at BCotter@TiburonAdvisors.Com.

2007 Tiburon Research Reports Calendar

Tiburon will announce the publication of three new reports on May 1st, including Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and Indexing & Exchange Traded Funds. Tiburon is also scheduled to publish five reports on July 1st, including Fee-Accounts, Insurance Products, Venture Capital & Private Equity and second drafts of the Mutual Funds and Indexing & Exchange Traded Funds. Tiburon's 2007 research reports calendar is subject to change as it is driven by Tiburon's market research & strategy consulting projects, but currently the target reports for early 2007 include:

Due for a May 1st Publication

  • Hedge Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Indexing & Exchange Traded Funds

Due for a July 1st Publication

  • Fee-Accounts
  • Insurance Products
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Mutual Funds (second draft)
  • Indexing & Exchange Traded Funds (second draft)

Also scheduled for 2007

  • Consumer Wealth
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Wine Investments
  • Retail Banks Market
  • Full-Service Brokerage Firms Market
  • Online Financial Services
  • Independent Broker/Dealer Market
  • Fee-Only Financial Advisors (RIA) Market
  • Asia Pacific Markets
  • Europe, Middle East, & Africa Markets
  • Family Offices Market
  • Private Banking
  • Defined Contribution Plans Market
  • Defined Benefit Plans Market

Existing Tiburon Research Reports

As noted, Tiburon has published twenty-six research reports to date:

  • English Speaking Countries Markets
  • Latin America Markets
  • Offshore Markets
  • Financial Advisor Benchmarking & Best Practices
  • Technology Developments
  • Financial Advisor Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Independent Rep Best Practices
  • Fee-Only Financial Advisors (RIA) Best Practices
  • Tax Pro Best Practices
  • Future of Advice
  • Consumer Wealth & Target Markets
  • Institutional Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Mutual Funds
  • Separately Managed Accounts & Other Fee-Account Programs
  • Exchange Traded Funds & Other Market Linked Products
  • Hedge Funds
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Other Alternative Investments
  • Insurance Products & Risk Management
  • Estate Planning & Charitable Giving
  • Independent Advisor Life Insurance Strategies
  • Independent Advisor Trust Services Strategies
  • Online Financial Services Market
  • Independent Rep & Independent Broker/Dealer Market
  • CPAs & Tax Pros Market

Tiburon Research Reports

More broadly, Tiburon created its series of research reports to help educate its clients in a low-cost way on a wide variety of topics in the brokerage, investments, private banking, and wealth management markets. The majority of Tiburon's research reports are written for executives at financial institutions; a few reports are written specifically for financial advisors. The financial institutions series contains macro-industry reports that cover topics such as the mutual funds industry, the hedge funds industry, the full-service brokerage firms industry, and the fee-only financial advisors industry. Reports in the financial advisors series are more tactical, including topics such as A Comprehensive Overview of Product Usage, Business Models, & Best Practices of Fee-Only Financial Advisors, and Trends in Succession Planning, Firm Valuations, & the Acquisition Market for Financial Advisors.

These ~300-400 page reports follow an easy-to-digest format while providing detailed facts and analysis that aid in the development of an understanding of leading product areas and market segments, including recent developments, competitor rankings, and leading competitors' strategies. The firm attempts to position its reports as reference documents, and not as short-term newsworthy editorials. While Tiburon has been repeatedly told that its research reports are worth much more, they are priced at just $5,000 each because Tiburon believes that the information should be shared widely and that sharing the research will lead to market research & strategy consulting projects over time. Reports can be sent immediately as PDF documents electronically. Bound copies can be printed and mailed for an additional $500 each. Tiburon plans to continually update these reports and publish additional reports in the future; please let the firm know if there are topics that you desire to see covered.

More Information


Tiburon Strategic Advisors

Tiburon Strategic Advisors, based in Tiburon, CA, was formed in 1998 to offer market research & strategy consulting services to all types of financial institutions and investment managers:

  • The firm has served almost 300 corporate clients and completed almost 1,000 projects since its founding, and today, its knowledge base includes mutual fund distribution, separately managed account programs, alternative investments, wealth management, insurance products, banking services, the fee-only financial advisor market, the CPA firm market, the family office market, and various international markets.
  • Tiburon holds a series of CEO Summits semi-annually for its executive-level clients. The next CEO Summit is scheduled for October 9-10, 2007 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, CA. 2008-2009 dates are April 10-11, 2008 (New York, NY), October 14-15, 2008 (San Francisco, CA), April 9-10, 2009 (New York, NY), and October 7-8, 2009 (San Francisco, CA). Attendance is by invitation only and attendance at each Summit is limited to 100 senior industry executives. Visit the CEO Summits section of Tiburon's web site for details on current and past CEO Summits, including attendee lists, meeting agendas, and highlights. Please contact Tiburon's Managing Principal Chip Roame at CRoame@TiburonAdvisors.Com or (415) 789-2541 if you are a Tiburon client and have an interest in attending a future Tiburon CEO Summit.
  • Tiburon offers thirteen online business benchmarking tools that are available to all types of financial advisors in an effort to help them benchmark their business practices and build more successful businesses. The sites include www.BrokerBestPractice.Com for wirehouse & regional brokers, www.FABestPractices.Com for fee-only financial advisors, www.IndependentRepBestPractices.Com for independent reps, and www.PrivateBankerBestPractices.Com for private bankers. Almost 5,000 advisors have used these tools. By completing one of the online surveys, financial advisors can access a FREE copy of the relevant comprehensive Tiburon research report, which summarizes and analyzes the collective results.
  • Tiburon has published twenty-six ~300-400+ page research reports, which offer detailed analyses of growing business segments; each is available for $5,000; these reports can be ordered by contacting Brian Cotter at BCotter@TiburonAdvisors.Com or (415) 789-2546.
  • Tiburon's weekly research releases, like this one, are emailed for free to interested industry executives, media representatives, conference planners, and individual financial advisors. Over 40,000 industry executives now receive these releases. Feel free to sign up to receive future research releases at Tiburon's web site (www.TiburonAdvisors.Com) if this release was passed to you by a colleague and you would like to receive them directly in the future.
  • Tiburon plans to expand its workforce in 2007. New research managers will develop proprietary research content for Tiburon research reports and client projects and new marketing managers will enhance the firm's web site, weekly research releases program, and the firm's relationships with media representatives, conference planners, and its clients & executive program members. The firm is also seeking to add principal candidates and possibly both chief operating officer and chief consulting officers in 2007.
  • Tiburon has built three executive programs (CEOs-in-Residence, Financial Advisor Roundtable, and Consulting Fellows) in an effort to bring the experiences of additional senior level industry executives to Tiburon clients. Feel free to contact any of the members of Tiburon's executive programs directly or ask that they be included in any ongoing Tiburon project.