March 18, 2016

215 Industry Leaders to Attend Tiburon CEO Summit XXX

Tiburon is looking forward to welcoming 215 financial services industry senior executives at the upcoming Tiburon CEO Summit XXX (April 4-6, 2016, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York). Tiburon CEO Summits provide a unique opportunity for leaders from throughout the financial services industry to gather to collaborate and candidly discuss the future of the industry. Tiburon CEO Summits are described by attendees as the place where C level executives from every aspect of the industry go in order to hear from the sharpest minds in the field.

Tiburon CEO Summits likely provide one of the only true forums where financial services industry CEOs from across traditional industry silos gather to discuss a broad swath of issues regarding the future of the banking, brokerage, investments, insurance, advice, & wealth management businesses. The list of business relationships resulting from prior Tiburon CEO Summits is impressive. If you are an executive-level Tiburon client and would like to participate in Tiburon CEO Summit XXX, please contact Tiburon's Managing Partner Chip Roame. If you are not yet a client and interested, please contact Sarah Sage.

Tiburon CEO Summit Highlights

Tiburon is pleased to share an excerpt of Tiburon CEO Summit highlights. Please click on the link to watch this short video and learn more about Tiburon CEO Summits from attendees' perspectives.

Research Call Next Week:

The Future of Wealth Management

The next Tiburon research call with Managing Partner Chip Roame will be March 24, 2016 at 10:00am PT. Tiburon research subscribers are cordially invited to join Chip as he reviews Tiburon research on The Future of Wealth Management. If you are a Tiburon research subscriber and would like to listen, please email Sarah Sage (SSage@TiburonAdvisors.Com) to RSVP.

If you are not yet a client and would like to obtain access to Tiburon research calls, please contact us.

Click to RSVP for The Future of Wealth Management

Recent Tiburon Research Calls

Tiburon research subscribers have access to live research calls led twice a month by Tiburon Managing Partner Chip Roame. To listen to recent calls, click the link below for your topic of interest, and enter your Tiburon log-in credentials for automatic playback:

Please email SSage@TiburonAdvisors.Com if you need your log-in credentials, or you would like to become a Tiburon research subscriber and obtain access.

Online Advice:

The Rapid Rise of Robo Advisors or Digital Advisors (& Related Firms)

Tiburon Strategic Advisors is pleased to highlight its Financial Institutions Topical Series research on Online Advice. The purpose of this research is to provide readers with an understanding of the online advice market, often called robo or digital advisors. This research includes online advice firms which target defined contribution plans as well as those which target the B2C market. Futhermore, this research includes both pure online players as well as hybrids that include video, chat, or telephone support. Related topics such as online tools companies, online banking, and online brokerage firms are addressed in other Tiburon research topics.

Edelman Financial Services:

A Leading Fee-Based Financial Advisory Firm with a Growing National Presence

Tiburon Strategic Advisors is pleased to highlight its Financial Institutions Profiles Series research on Edelman Financial Services. Edelman Financial Services was founded by Ric & Jean Edelman in 1987 and is based in Fairfax, VA. The firm has 458 employees, 26,866 clients, 29,000 accounts, $14.9 billion assets under management & administration, and is led by its CEO Ric Edelman, President Ed Moore, & Chief Operating Officer Rene Chaze. Edelman Financial Services comprehensive Power Point deck includes a synopsis of its history, including its key phases. Its profile includes the key statistics of the firm, including its number of employees, clients, average client assets under management & administration, accounts, average account size, assets under management & administration, assets under management & administration per employee, & assets under management & administration per financial advisor. Its profile includes detailed outlines of its core businesses and concludes with the highlights of its organizational structure & ownership.

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