January 22, 2016

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Highlights from Tiburon CEO Summit XXIX

Tiburon is pleased to share an excerpt of highlights from this past October's Tiburon CEO Summit XXIX, when leaders from throughout the financial services industry gathered in San Francisco to collaborate and candidly discuss the future of the industry. Tiburon CEO Summits are described by attendees as the place where C level executives from every aspect of the industry go in order to hear from the sharpest minds in the field. Please click on the link to watch this short video and learn more about Tiburon CEO Summits from our attendees' perspectives.

If you are an executive-level Tiburon client and would like to participate in the upcoming Tiburon CEO Summit XXX (April 4-6, 2016 in New York, NY), please contact Tiburon's Managing Partner Chip Roame. If you are not yet a client and interested, please contact Sarah Sage.

Research Call Next Week:

Independent Advisors

The next Tiburon research call with Managing Partner Chip Roame will be January 28, 2016 at 10:00am PT. Tiburon clients are cordially invited to join Chip as he reviews Tiburon research on Independent Advisors. If you are a Tiburon client and would like to listen, please email Sarah Sage (SSage@TiburonAdvisors.Com) to RSVP.

If you are not yet a client and would like to obtain access to Tiburon research calls, please contact us.

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Independent Advisors

Independent Advisors:

Independent Reps & Fee-Based Financial Advisors (RIAs)

Tiburon Strategic Advisors has further refined its research on Independent Advisors. The purpose of this research is to provide readers with an initial understanding of independent advisors, including independent reps and fee-based financial advisors, which are collectively the fastest growing market & distribution channel. Data is these two inter-ralted markets can be confusing due to separate registration processes and overlap in hybrid financial advisors. This research addresses the three historical phases of the independent advisors market, defines two markets segments, & offers four predictions.

SS&C Technologies Holdings:

A Cloud-Based Software & Services Provider for the Financial Services Industry

Tiburon Strategic Advisors is pleased to highlight its Financial Institutions Profiles Series research on SS&C Technologies Holdings. SS&C Technologies was founded by Bill Stone in 1986 and is based in Windsor, CT. The firm has 4,674 employees, $768 million revenues, & $131 million net profits. It is led by its CEO Bill Stone and President Norman Boulanger. SS&C Technologies' comprehensive Power Point deck includes a synopsis of its history, including its key phases. Its profile includes the key statistics of the firm, including its number of offices, employees, institutional clients, revenues, adjusted revenues, operating income, adjusted operating income & net profits. Its profile includes detailed outlines of its businesses and concludes with the highlights of its organizational structure & ownership.

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