Wine Industry Overview:
History, Grape Varietals, Wine Growing Regions, & Future Predictions

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Date Published: November 21, 2017
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The purpose of this research is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the wine industry, including the history of winemaking, grape varietals, wine growing regions, & future predictions. The wine industry has been growing quickly and benefitting from trends of women and millennial wine drinkers but now faces challenges from cocktails & marijuana. This research is primary oriented around wine production; consumption & the export market are addressed in the predictions.

This research addresses the key historical phases of the wine industry, including: 

    • Early Development Phase
    • Phylloxera, United States Prohibition, & World War II Challenges Phase
    • Maturation Phase
    • Millennials & Women Transformation Phase

    This research highlights grape varietals, including:

    • Red Grape Varietals
    • White Grape Varietals

    This research addresses related beverages, including:

    • Brandy
    • Champagne
    • Grappa
    • Port
    • Sangria
    • Sherry

    This research defines key distinct geographic regions, including:

    • France, Italy, & Other European Wineries
    • California & Other United States Wineries
    • Chile, Argentina, Mexico, & Other South American Wineries
    • Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, & Other New World Wineries

    And this research makes several future predictions for the wine industry, including: 

    • Substantial Growth in Wine Production & Wine Consumption
    • Growing Importance of Millennials & Women as Wine Consumers
    • Growing Market Share of Lighter Varietals
    • Growing Market Share of New World Wineries
    • Challenges from Cocktails & Marijuana
    • Moderate Growth in Wine Exports & the Increasing Importance of the United States, United Kingdom, & China Markets
    • Streamlining of United States Wine Distribution
    • Rapid Industry Consolidation
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