Socially Responsible Investing & Impact Investing:
An Emerging Investment Strategy Favored by Many New Investors, Including Some Women & Millenials

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Date Published: October 31, 2017
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The purpose of this research is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of two rapidly growing areas of investing, including socially responsible investing & impact investing. This research is part of Tiburon's wealth management series that includes other trending areas, including financial planning, college savings plans, index investing, tax conscious investing, islamic finance, estate planning, reverse mortgages, & life settlements.

This research begins with an analysis of the success of two traditional positive social change methods (government aid & charitable contributions). The research further defines the overlapping terms of socially responsible investing; environmental, social, & governance investing; and impact investing, and then addresses the possible investment objectives, including financial first, double bottom line, & impact first. The research analyzes the market situtation, including consumers' & institutional investors' levels of interest, and then outlines the drivers (women, millennials, & defined contribution plans) and the key constraints (lack of clear definitions; investing versus charity philosophies; lack of proven investment performance; & need for broader distribution).

This research addresses the four historical phases of socially responsible investing & impact investing, including: 

  • Socially Responsible Investing Emergence Phase
  • Environmental, Social, & Governance Investing Emergence Phase
  • Impact Investing Emergence Phase
  • Maturation Phase

    This research defines multiple investment vehicles, including:

    • Packaged Products
      • Mutual Funds
      • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    • Separately Managed Accounts

    This research addresses the four markets & distribution channels, including:

    • Direct Distribution
    • Financial Advisor Channels
    • Institutional Markets
    • International Markets

    This research defines a variety of screens & investable areas, including:

    • Socially Responsible Investing
      • Alcohol
      • Birth Control
      • Catholic Values
      • Climate Change
      • Community Development
      • Fossil Fuels
      • Gambling
      • Guns
      • Islamic Values
      • Labor Violations
      • Pollutors
      • Tobacco
      • Vice
      • Women's Empowerment
      • Worker Safety
    • Impact Investing
      • Affordable Housing
      • Clean Technology
      • Community Development Lending
      • Crime & Prison Reform
      • Education & Charter Schools
      • Healthcare
      • Homelessness
      • Job Training
      • Microfinance
      • Pollution Prevention
      • Pro-Environment
      • Repressed Minorities
      • Sustainable Agriculture

    And this research makes several future predictions for the socially responsible investing & impact investing market, including:

    • Substantial Socially Responsible Investing & Impact Investing Market Growth
    • Expanding Distribution into Financial Advisor Channels & Retirement Plans Market

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