Tiburon CEO Summit XXXII Day #1 Keynote Presentation:
The Top Ten Wealth Management Industry Trends & Ten Potential Disruptors

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Date Published: April 4, 2017
Summary PPT Deck: 76 Slides
Reference PPT Deck: 209 Slides

The purpose of this research is to provide readers with a broad strategic overview of the wealth management business. The below reference PowerPoint document is the day #1 presentation made by Tiburon's managing partner at the most recent Tiburon CEO Summit. The purpose of this presentation was to to offer a unique method of summarizing a broad set of industry views, to set a discussion agenda for Tiburon CEO Summit XXXII, and to introduce over 40 speakers. Along with the more comprehensive Tiburon research document The Future of Wealth Management, this presentation offers a broad overview of the wealth management business.

    This research highlights the top ten wealth management industry trends, including:

    1. Consumer Wealth, the Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis, Delayed Retirements, & the Expected Liquidation
    2. Evolving Consumer Investment Approaches
    3. Indexing & Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    4. Discount Brokerage Firms
    5. Robo Advisors
    6. Managed Accounts
    7. Alternative Investments & Liquid Alternatives
    8. Socially Responsible Investing & Impact Investing
    9. Independent Advisors
    10. Break-Away Brokers

This research then addresses ten potential disruptors, including:

    1. The Federal Reserve, Increasing Interest Rates, & Changing Industry Profitability
    2. The Eight Year Bull Market, Potential Corrections, & Potential Impacts on Industry Dynamics
    3. Repeal of the Department of Labor Fiduciary Standard & Other  Deregulatory Efforts
    4. Digital Marketing & Social Media
    5. Financial Advisor Technology & Outsourcing
    6. Big Data & Analytics 
    7. Artificial Intelligence; Blockchain; & the Internet of Things
    8. Millennials
    9. FANG: Facebook, Amazon, & Google
    10. China, India, & the Middle East

And this research offers some conclusions for the future of wealth management.

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