Tiburon CEO Summit XXX Keynote Presentation:
A Dozen Tiburon Industry Views that May Impact Your Firm's Strategy

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Date Published: April 5, 2016
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The purpose of this research is to provide readers with a broad strategic overview of the wealth management business. The below reference PowerPoint document is the presentation made by Tiburon's managing partner at the most recent Tiburon CEO Summit. The purpose of this presentation was to set a discussion agenda for Tiburon CEO Summit XXX, to introduce over 40 speakers, and to offer a unique method of summarizing a broad set of industry views. Along with the more comprehensive Tiburon research document The Future of Wealth Management, this presentation offers a broad overview of the wealth management business.

    This research highlights a dozen Tiburon views on the future of wealth management by highlighting key statistics, including:

    1. Continuing Low Interest Rates Depressing Industry Profitability by 5%-15%
    2. The Most Important Statistics: Consumer Wealth ≈ $100 Trillion & Expected Liquidation ≈ $50 Trillion
    3. Break-Away Brokers Trend Stagnate at ≈ 100
    4. Independent Advisors > $3.5 Trillion Assets Under Management & Administration
    5. Discount & Online Brokerage Firms > $5.0 Trillion Assets Under Management & Administration
    6. Robo Advisors > $250 Billion Assets Under Management
    7. Indexing > $4.5 Trillion Assets Under Management
    8. Hedge Funds & Liquid Alternative Mutual Funds > $3.0 Trillion Asset Under Management (But Continue to Struggle)
    9. Socially Responsible Investing & Impact Investing > $6.0 Trillion Assets Under Management
    10. Non-Whites, Women, & Millennials Each > 50% of the Population
    11. TAMPs > $3.0 Trillion Assets Under Management & Administration
    12. Multiple Huge Impacts of the Coming Fiduciary Standard

And this research also addresses recent strategic activity, including: 

  • Financial Services Industry Venture Capital & Minority Growth Equity Investments (Robo Advisors > $500 Million Venture Capital; Private Equity Firms > $1.2 Trillion Dry Powder)
  • Financial Services Industry & Financial Advisor Mergers & Acquisitions (Four Independent Broker/Dealer Sales; 84 RIA Deals)
  • Financial Services Industry Valuations & Activists Opportunities (Bank Stocks Below Book Value; Insurance Company P/E Ratios Low; Investment Management Firm Stocks Performing Poorly; Here Come the Hedge Fund Activists)
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